Sometimes it gets really tough… One must find the strength to keep at it

Good morning everyone, 

There was no blog yesterday. There nearly wasn’t another today. There sometimes is the difficulty between staying in love with the club you love and accommodating the ‘not-too-palatable’ parts of being an Enyimba supporter. Sometimes, what just keeps us going (this morning for instance) is the little boy in me that cheered Enyimba several years ago. 

Lemme throw some more light. I’ve also been an Arsenal supporter. I love Mr Wenger. But there are days it hurts supporting that club. Evenings when results and terrible decisions made go to bed angry. Mornings I wake up feeling blue and sad and gloom. Transfer windows I needed the club to buy such and such a player or to not let XYZ leave the club. I’ve been there severally. But I’m a fan and that keeps me cheering by next kickoff. 

Massive changes are imminent at the club. In the next couple of days as I hear, there will be quite a lot of changes. First of all, there will be a new gaffer. That is nearly complete as I write this. Who’s the man? I’m not as liberty to say but when he does arrive, we’d make the right noises- for the love of the club. I’ll give you a clue, albeit a sketchy one. There are several names linked with the club’s hot seat. He’s one of them. 

A few days ago we saw the news that the skipper Chinedu Udoji is leaving the club. There’s not been any confirmation from the club or from any other axis but it’s gathering dust and I’ll love to lend a voice to it- not to influence the decision of the player or the club. I just want to express how I feel. Does my feeling matter? Absolutely not. Players come and go, the club remains yea? Good. But this is my blog and here I can be allowed to say how I feel. 

How do I feel about this? Terrible. I’ll say it again, It’s a pity the club won’t make any decisions based on how I feel but ultimately everyone must make decisions that’s in their (club and players) best interest. I do have a personal friendship with Udoji. Guess that’s not supposed to creep into our professional relationship but yes, I’ll be sad if he’s not at the club next season. 

Most times we’ve lambasted his tackles and his errors especially those of the last season. We’ve also praised his commitment and the fact that he loved Enyimba. We won’t forget too that in that title winning season, he fetched us three match winners. That counts for something and even if there is no stature at the club for him, we will never forget him and what he has contributed to the club. 

Is he the best defender or captain to have played at the club? No. Is he flawless? Perfect in any way? A thousand times No. He’s human and that means a human can make errors. If he does leave, life would go on. I mean several hundreds of players have left the club since it’s inception and the club  still remains. I mean, there’s hardly been a player who left and the Enyimba stadium wasn’t filled on match days at home games. 

Ojobo left last season. Rasheed left the one before. Players I really liked and well in England, Henry did leave Arsenal one time and so did Thomas Rosicky the sweetest man to wear our red. I just won’t be able to spot my friend in our club’s blue whenever we line up and some other club would enjoy his services. He’s not the first, Odita won the title last season with Rangers. News of Udoji’s departure doesn’t feel me with great happiness. I will miss him personally. 

Enyimba on the other hand will get new faces in defence maybe blokes who will even play better or are better at organizing or even more committed. I’m not trying to blow this out of the water but you know there’s just people you like. Everyone on this blog knows Nzube is my favorite player at the club. He probably talks louder than his height and he doesn’t turn down an opportunity to rumble but I still like him. We’ve never had lunch together, or shared a drink before however I just like him. 

But I won’t be in any illusions to the fact that one day he won’t be here no more. He’s probably going to sign for another club someday or just retire at the end of his career. He like other footballers before him will make the best decisions for his career at the right time. Guess it’s the same way with Udoji. Should he leave? Should he not? That’s not the idea- I’ll miss a friend if, or rather when he does. 

Have I made enough sense this morning? I hope I have. I’ll end this post in his words, I give God all the glory. 

Back tomorrow. 



One thought on “Sometimes it gets really tough… One must find the strength to keep at it

  1. Only if I could just do something to salvage this club from collapse.

    Oluwa bless my hustle I wan invest in or buy this club before they kill it for me. 😢😠


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