Enyimba Player of the Season: Runner Up 

Good morning and welcome to a brand new week.

A lot of you didn’t visit the blog yesterday because we didn’t ‘share’ yesterday’s blog post. Well, after you’ve read yesterday’s blog, you’ll know why we didn’t share it. And yes, we were able to get the data we needed from that experiment. Interestingly, someone hit me up about 11pm to discuss that post. I did learn quite a lot from him. He knows himself and he would see this post- he said he doesn’t go to bed any night without checking this blog first. 

We delve into what we have to do today and that’s our Enyimba player of the Season series. Today we must reveal the runner up and with 28% of your votes, Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s presenting Mr. Kelly Kester! Before I go on, kindly note that this poll is the making of the fans. They’ve made their calls and this is their choice. So any aggrieved person should 1. Channel his grievance to the right quarters. 2. Engineer winning votes next time. Whatever that means. 

Kelly Kester just completed his first year at the club and he was one of the standout and consistent performers at the club. On the later, I can’t think of a game where he produced a performance lower than that we had become accustomed to. Marauding that Enyimba midfield, Kester kept the engine ticking with his ball winning skills and good passes short or long. For players like Kester, you’ll think they will have a better second season at the club having gotten more accustomed with teammates. 

If there’s a flaw with Kelly’s game, it’s that he does tend to abandon the defensive duty, taking up the more creative role. I think Dare Ojo is a better ‘destructive’ midfielder but Kester loves to pass his way out of trouble. When paired with someone saddled with the creative role, it is not surprising that Kester often takes up both roles. You don’t blame him, he’s one of the best passers of the ball in the Championship. 

There was a game we saw at the Adokiye last season where we decided to focus on his game- his decisions and how successful his passes well. Kester practically wowed us all. Long range, short ones, tackling, winning the ball, it was a perfect performance. The opponent that day? I’m not sure but I’m thinking it’s either Sundowns or Etoile. 

After the game someone said, this fellow deserves to get a Super Eagles call up. On the basis of that display, he would be a better foil than Onazi at the heart of the Eagles midfield. I couldn’t agree more. I hope next season’s gaffer tries a three man midfield with Dare and Kester with Nzube or someone else. I think we would not only dominate the midfield but would create quite a lot. 

I think one of the problems the technical crew had till the end of the season was an inability to tell what their best team was. I admit it’s a difficult task especially when you’re loaded with half a trailer load of Footballers but then having played a full season, identifying the most important players in your team is essential. Looks like I’ve digressed yea? Not really. I can’t explain why Kester was shunted out of our Fed Cup semifinal against Nasarawa United. Anyway, all of that is gone now.

In the last 15years, we have seen many midfielders put in solid shifts in the DM role for Enyimba FC, but only a few did the job of breaking up the opposition’s attacking play, with such consummate ease. 

Kester looked cultured and composed in possession and always comfortable in providing excellent distribution for his teammates. For a lad with such towering frame, he possesses the silky skills often associated with diminutive players. He did use such skills to keep, shield and recycle the ball confidently. 

Trust me, we have not had a Defensive midfielder foil attacks so effortlessly, yet efficiently since Musa Aliyu of the 2005 Double winning class. On evidence of his first season with Enyimba, the only blip is the lack of goals or assists to his name.  –  Nnanna Kalu. 

Congratulations Kelly Kester

Back tomorrow with the man who according to your votes excelled more than they all. 

Have a wonderfilled Monday. 



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