Something for the ones who come 

Good Sunday morning to you all. 

This isn’t the kind of post you’ll see me share on Twitter and Facebook. It’s basically for the audience who come directly on the blog ‘seeking a post’. I’ve always wanted to see how many people actually do so. How many will come without being promoted by a share on Facebook and Twitter? Good opportunity to take that survey- this. 

I’ll also want to try out having my shortest blog post ever. Perhaps a time to set the record but I’m bothered cos it appears when I sit down on my desk, making this breakfast for you, I just keep ranting and ranting and it’s almost like there’s no end. Can I keep this blog post under five paragraphs? Let’s see. 

First of all, we take a break from the regular Enyimba player of the Season series and focus a little on something else (Fear not, the series will return in the morning). Last week, the governor of Abia State, owners of Enyimba International was on Magic FM on Friday and my guys at the station quizzed him on the state of the pitch and whether or not we would have it ready in time for the new season. 

He conceded that the Contractor has not even been paid up to 50% of his money but that assuredly, the stadium will host our home games next season. It’s a good thing to know, I mean all these while, we’d been hearing from different sources but with this, the man with both yam and knife has come out to assure that the stadium will be done in time. I also hope someone informed him the Season starts in December. Hopefully, within the week I’ll get you transcripts of that interview. 

The club keeps getting linked with one player after the other with rumors that there would be some serious ‘shifting of the chaff’ at the club. Evidently there would be players who will never dorn the colors of the club again no thanks to the incidents of the last season. I’m sure a lot of us fans can’t wait to see these guys who have been or will be let go. I also hear there will be a new manager. It’s essential however that we pay attention to what we are doing so we don’t end up making a repeat of the player and gaffer jumble of the last season. 

I’m done. Really. I’m looking at my word count and it’s like I’m going to fail to make my ‘shortest blog post ever’ dream today. So, I’ll leave you guys with this today. Regular service resumes tomorrow and we’d be back on the Enyimba player of the Season, runner up and eventual winner. 

Shortest blog post ever? I think so.  

Have a good one guys and see you tomorrow morning. 



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