Nightfall in Soweto and Udoh’s heroics

The wall clock shows 1:32am. It’s a new day already even though it’s still very dark outside. My audience however aren’t going to read this till it’s morning so why is this story necessary? Well, if you’re up at that time and with sleep having eluded you, you know you should make the most of the time you have. That’s why I’m doing this post at this time. 

The challenge however is, aside the hunger pangs biting hard, there’s a song in my head. Not sure a lot of you know it. It’s so old school I don’t even know the title but it goes something like this- 

“I love you, you love me. But we must be sure. We may be the best of friends. But in the end, it’s true love that wins.” 

Evidently I should go get married already. I mean, whatever could these lyrics be doing in my head at this time of the day? Lord have mercy! Anyway I’ll give that more thoughts in the days ahead. In the meantime, does anyone know the song? Please if you do, kindly send me the name of the artist who sang it. Thank you in advance. 

Nothing (as much as is public knowledge) is going on from an Enyimba point of view. Obviously the club is working behind the scenes, zeroing on their options before other clubs step in ahead of them. It’s pure speculation of course but based on how Enyimba work, you’ll think it’s pretty much that way at the moment. 

But there’s some little something on Mfon Udoh who well, has seen his goalscoring heroics recognized and appreciated yet again. He finished the CAF Champions League as the highest goal scorer and also got nominated as the (African based) Player of the year. We did mention the former a couple of blogs ago. 

It is said in football that form is temporal and class is permanent. It’s perfectly exemplified in the Mfon Udoh case. After smashing the League’s goalscoring record after scoring 15 times the year before, he went the season that followed bound by injuries. He couldn’t do much yet it was his strike that won us the League. In fact it also was the last goal we scored in that title winning season.

He didn’t quite do much in the League last season but he showed his prowess in the Champions League. A lot of desks wrote about how the young man had become a shadow of himself, he was struggling and has in fact ‘lost it’ but yet again he proved what a true winner he is hence this great honour of getting the nomination and perhaps to win the home-based African player of the year. 

Mfon Udoh deserves to be celebrated and like we agreed on Magic FM yesterday, he looks like a man whose got his sights on Europe. Would it hurt Enyimba if he leaves, no doubt. His quality is undeniable but I’m also thinking that the club can unearth the several thousand Mfon Udohs in pitches all across the country. I dare say that there could even be better strikers or players at that. Much better than what we currently have at our club and clubs. 

OK right now the sleep has come. Would you guys kindly make do with this blog post for today while I eventually get some sleep? Thank you. 

I will be back tomorrow with a fresh and tastier pot of palm wine. In the meantime, that song is up again in my head….

I love you, you love me. But we must be sure. We may be the best of friends. But in the end, it’s true love that wins.” 



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