Tough decisions ahead of a very crucial week for Enyimba 

Good morning everyone 

Trust your weekend was as wonderfilled as mine. If however yours wasn’t, a brand new week is upon us and you can make it and the weekend that follows as beautiful as you’d like. There’s a strong urge to concede that my smiles this morning are connected with the events at a certain ‘bridge’ and a ‘stadium’ yesterday, I’ll let you make your guesses and your conclusions. 

So here we are, at the start of what is a very important week for us. Stumbled by a couple of posts online, some guy asking why the club is dilly-dallying on the manager issue. The fellow cited that XYZ clubs have announced their new manager and blablabla. I can tell you though, these decisions especially for a club like Enyimba, are not always the easiest ones to make. 

First, you need to decide on getting not just a good manager, but the right one for the club. Enyimba as we all know isn’t the same as some other clubs in the country and the pressure linked with the club isn’t the same as with all others. So you need someone capable of managing both pressure and the biggest egos (players) in the land. Players as we all know aren’t always nice and meek and humble as they look when they pose in front of the cameras. Some of them would want to party on the eve of a very important game. 

So they require a strong hand and this is why Kadiri Ikhana succeeded two seasons ago at the club. He gave no room for the indiscipline and madness players are capable of. Sometimes you hear players were suspended and sent packing from camp and while won’t be quick to announce such things, it doesn’t mean that they don’t happen. I’ll give you a very typical example. 

Two seasons ago, Warri Wolves were hot on our heels trying to get the title from us. Two players, two of our very influential attackers (just call two names at random, chances are you’ll get at least one correct) broke camp rules and were subsequently punished. Sent packing from camp and fined. It would have been counterproductive to our title ambitions if that sort of news would be out on the club website or Twitter handle. We all know that one of the duties of the club official outlets is managing the PR of the club. 

So the shopping list is for a good coach, the right one, one well experienced in the League and one we can count on to discipline as well as equally improve the team. So look around, how many fit the bill? I know it’s easy to throw Kadiri Ikhana into the hat but did he really improve our play, did he get our strikers playing better? How many games did we rely on defenders and midfielders to bail us out? I guess the fact that he won the title seems to cover up all the other flaws. 

So while we look at this week, trusting that the club makes the best decision for the technical crew, it may also interest you to know that according to Senior League journalist Adepoju Tobi Samuel, Mr Aigbogun spoke with him on the phone and he said there currently isn’t any managerial vacancy at Enyimba. It is hence a possibility, that we could get into the new year with Mr Aigbogun at the helm. Let’s pray we make the right decision. 

Finally for today, Mamelodi Sundowns emerged winners of the 2016 CAF Champions League after a 3-1 aggregate win over Zamalek infront of their 86,000 fans yesterday. The South African side were the best team in the competition and it’s totally deserved for them. They played well, put the right structure in place and have even qualified for next season’s Champions League. Very well deserved. 

Someone did point out tho that between the Group stages and the semifinals, no team beat them except the Blues of Aba. Should that make us happy? Or to curse how we threw away the opportunity to make a real statement in the Continent? I don’t know. 

Mfon Udoh’s 9 goals in the competition made him the highest goal scorer for this season’s Champions League. Fantastic achievement and I’m thinking, isn’t this a first Nigerian to achieve that? (UPDATE: No he’s not. Stephen Worgu did couple of years ago). Congratulations Mr. Udoh. That’s probably why I saw you in my dreams early this morning. May your goalscoring well never run dry. Amen. 

We are still accepting entries for our player of the Season as we advertised yesterday. You know where to send yours to. 

Have a beautiful week ahead and remain a blessing to your world. I’ll be back tomorrow. 



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