Who is Enyimba’s player of the Season? 

Good morning Brothers and Sisters, 

Hold on, do I have ladies who read this blog? I’ve never thought of it before today. I do get feedbacks often but I don’t think I’ve gotten one from a lady before. Well, excluding Jane Nwaeze of Rangers International who keeps saying she wants to start writing but can’t bring herself to actually get to start. Pray she starts before the judgment day. Otherwise, that angel could deem her guilty of not using her talent and sentence her to some strokes of cane. 

I saw a joke yesterday on someone’s Twitter TL and I thought it was really funny. “Don’t go and choose the type of a.k.a (alias) that when an angel calls you on judgement day you will start blinking eyes for him to bring down his voice.” Purely for comical purposes surely, the judgment day will take a lot more different outlook but I think that’s funny. 

Anyway, today’s post should not be a lengthy one. We want to delve away from the gaffer argument and talk a little on the players and their contribution in the just concluded season. Beyond a shadow of doubt, it was a shambolic season by our standards but who for you is the Enyimba player of the season? Whose contributions excelled all others? 

A couple of players come readily to mind. Safe hands Theo for starts. He had his first season in goal for us and what an impact he had for us. There were those games like the Sousse encounter where his heroics singlehandedly bailed us out. He did have his gaffes (Zamalek at home), does that qualify him as your Enyimba player of the year?

There are the likes of the utility man Dare Ojo, midfield stalwart Kelly Kester, our highest scorer in the League Nzube Anaezemba, wing wizard Joseph Osadiaye, attacking livewire Stephen Chukwude or CAF Champions League top goalscorer Mfon Udoh. There’s quite a list to choose from. Or perhaps you want to settle for anyone of the guys I haven’t mentioned. It’s yours to say. 

In the coming days, as much as is possible, we would unveil the feedback in the order of the percentage voted. So we need you to react by sending your entries to Thatenyimbafan@gmail.com. Just say who you think should be our Enyimba player of the year. 

I know you’re probably thinking, the season was so bad there’s nothing good to see in it. I’ll leave you with a scripture- “In the day of prosperity rejoice, but in the day of adversity, consider…” 

It’s going to be a very busy day today so please make do with this post today. Tomorrow’s will be better I promise. 



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