The gaffer debate continues and yea we have a winner

Good morning Everyone. 

We’d start with responding to yesterday’s quiz. The freekick was taken not by Akas or Razak or Uche John. That leaves out Ikechukwu Ibenegbu. So yea, he took it. About 45% of our audience got that part. The bulk of the rest were actually rooting for Chima Akas. On that occasion (In Mike Mayaki’s voice) it wasn’t Akas who took it. 

Then the area where most of the 45% of you from question 1 now failed it was in telling where exactly the ball went to. It was not a goal and it did not go over. The question read… “Where did it go to? Goal or over?” that’s this lecturer’s ploy to confuse you. The ball didn’t go over nor was it a goal. The goalkeeper caught it. That trimmed our correct answers to a mere 14%.

Then the fixture, narrowed it down to 7%. The game in question was the Federation Cup semifinal with Nasarawa United. Our tie breaker was in who sent his earliest. NPFL Lens did and that’s how he’s won our prize. Congratulations Sir/Ma, Kindly send us your details and we’d have your jersey sent to you. 

The whispers surrounding our managerial position keeps increasing with varying versions everyday. Some have said that the gaffer gets a second season to the job while the other is that a new man takes over. These things won’t go away until a new man is announced. That, like we’ve said over and over has to be done early.

Picking a new manager is by no means like galloping to the Supermarket to pick an item off the shelves. I mean there are no Pep Guadiolas lying down all around and waiting for someone to come pick them up. With the sacking of Maurice Cooreman at Akwa United, there are no fewer than six high profile NPFL clubs at the moment in dire need of a new gaffer. 

At this stage, you’ll think clubs would have zeroed in or are circling around their targets. The gaffers themselves would each have options on likely clubs where they would rather be. So they’ll probably stall when offers from less favorable clubs come, like a cat and mouse game, hoping that at the end of the day, they all get their deals and everyone is happy. One thing you can count on for sure tho is that Coach Baraje is not waiting for a call from Enyimba cos having only just left a few years ago, everyone knows we are not in for him. 

Despite not having Continental tasks to start off the season with, I think there’s hardly that manager who would turn down a chance to take the reins at our place. We come with the pedigree, a rich history and the best legs in the country. Enyimba is more or less the height of it as far as the Country’s club football is concerned.

If I’m able to convince myself to take up that coaching course, I’ll love to be in the Enyimba dugout someday. And after winning the CAF Champions League thrice in a row, I’ll go replace Arsene Wenger or whoever is managing Arsenal at the time. After 13 successful years where I’ll win two trophies every season, I’ll be back to Coach Enyimba again. Then retire after winning the title 8 years in a row and letting the club convince me to let them erect a giant statue in front of the stadium. 

Back to reality tho, I think it’s a blessing in disguise that we start the season not playing in the Continent. Aside just the fact that it would make us appreciate more this opportunity we get to play in the Continent annually, it would also give the gaffer a little breather, lesser fixtures and to be able to not only manage his squad well but mount a strong title challenge from the start. 

So we’d hope we get a good gaffer and make the choice early. Like I said on Magic FM last Wednesday, I don’t think there’s anyone as badly hurt with last season’s horror show as management themselves and like all of us, they can’t wait for a brand new start. 

That’s that for today. We keep eyes and ears open and things keep unfolding up top. 

Back tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday. 



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