Aigbogun airs his views and something for the fans 

Good morning Everyone. 

Its Thursday. The Thursday after our season ended in Ibadan. OK, I needn’t say that, but I do hurt a little bit still. OK, but I’m fine. Now. I hope. OK, I’ll be. Not just me I know. All of us who love the club. 

Well that’s not actually the business of the day. Yesterday I stumbled upon this report on some daily where the gaffer said how ours have been his most difficult challenge yet. I’ve cut out part of that interview. It’s below. 

I arrived London this (Tuesday) evening to rest and re-unite with my family. It was a stressful season, my most stressful season in the last 15 years of coaching. I’ve not seen my family since I took up the Enyimba job in January.

“When I was in Warri Wolves, I used to travel to London to see my family every three months. But now, I’ve stayed for about nine months without seeing my family”.

“It was disappointing we finished the season empty-handed, but then playing away from home all through the season made the whole situation more horrible”.

“I must tell you, if we had played our games in Aba, we could have won the CAF Champions League. You know how the atmosphere in Aba used to be whenever Enyimba play”

“I’ve worked with the club in 2013/2014, so I know what I’m talking about. Of course, the issue of players’ constant agitation for payment of contractual entitlements also affected us,” 

I won’t say more.than highlighting that playing away from Aba as difficult as it is was not the only problem with Enyimba this season. I think that he also should take up some responsibility and not just allocate blames to everyone and everything but himself. 

If the players kept yearning for Ikhana, it was cos of something he did with them. If the players think the gaffer didn’t do well, it’s because they had some expectations of him which he fell short of. Perhaps he needs more time to instill his philosophy but at least take up some of the blame too.

The other piece of news was that Akwa United were back for Mfon Udoh and Ezekiel Bassey. Strange to me because they came knocking last season and the duo turned them down. That time it was the governor who invited the guys and they wouldn’t bulge. The issh was Akwa United had just gotten a place in the Continent and they needed their sons all back. 

I think a couple of things are wrong with that. Firstly, Akwa Ibom State is oozing with quality footballers all across that State. I know because I did a program with young footballers there 5 years ago. The talents there is just outrageous. In my sojourns, I can’t think of a State with more talent. 

So why seek established players who already are coming with the ‘big fish in a small pond’ mindset? Isn’t that the reason why this project failed the previous year? You’re offering them insane salaries, how would they even want to put in the hardwork? It’s just easy to see. OK, I’m not accusing Mfon and Bassey or saying they’ll do same but it happened last season and the surrounding premises has already set the place for the inevitable. 

The other day we heard Mfon Udoh was nominated for Africa’s best player in the Continent after netting 9 times in the Champions League. Trust me, that would never have happened in Akwa United. Or would it have? What do you think? 

Ultimately tho, the call is the players’ to make and whatever decision they pick would be just fine. I’m only just highlighting my own views. 

Finally, for today. I’ve got an Enyimba jersey to give away. Yea right. Don’t ask how I got it, but I do have the new Enyimba jersey to give. All you need is to answer three questions from the picture on this post. 

1. Who took the freekick?

2. Where did it go to? Goal or it went over

3. What fixture was this? 

If you think you know the right answer, send your answers to ONLY. The first correct answer would be picked and answers sent anywhere else would be turned down. 

All the best. 

Back tomorrow 



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