How long would you continue to grieve over Enyimba? 

Good morning All. 
As I lay on my bed in the early hours of this morning, I heard a voice speak to my heart. OK, hold on before you drive off. There are a lot of voices and we hear a lot of voices in this world but sometimes God does speak to us. So I’m convinced that the one I heard is from God. Why? Cos of what the voice said to me. 

OK, now I think I have your attention. You want to know what he said, I’ll tell you. It was simple and direct from the scripture. He said-

“How long would you continue to grieve over Enyimba? Get up and do what you need to do.”

Yea, that’s it. It was the kick I needed and got me penning the blog again. We had an awful season. Awful by every standard. I am unable to look back and highlight the silver lining of the just concluded season. Yea, seriously. Not even going 9 games unbeaten or beating Pillars in Kano. 

Yea, we got to the Group Stages of the Champions League but we were shamefully thrown out by teams we know we could’ve beat. I mean look at the defeats in South Africa, Egypt and Port Harcourt, if we are honest we know we didn’t deserve the semis. We had an awful season. Bad. Horrible. Shit. 

It was compounded by the events of last Saturday. A journo wrote online that this was the worst Enyimba side he’s seen. Well, for me, I think he meant the performance and I’m inclined to agree with him. A lot has been said of what went wrong with this group, we’ve blamed the Coach, the management, the government but there is one group we’ve rarely touched – the players themselves. 

This group is Enyimba’s most indisciplined crop. Perhaps you’ll blame a child that lacks discipline on the manner in which the parents did their job but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that the lads lack the right attitude and manners. Footballers are like the devil, you give him an inch, he takes a mile. The free hand allowed them by the ones who should control them meant anyone could do anything. 

Last season, it wasn’t so. You cant appear five minutes late for training and still be part of it. It’s just impossible. Coach Ikhana would lock the gate and have the keys. That meant the players would be up and doing if they had any plans of being part of the team. But this crop were allowed time and space to do whatever they felt like doing and it’s brought ‘bitterness in the end’.

What hurts the most is judging just how much we achieved last season and the fact that based on the quality we have this season, we ought not to have ended where we did this season. Rangers won the League but check how many points they won it with and compare with ours for last season. Also, add up how many away points we got last year compared to theirs for this season. That’s the pain, we know our quality. We know we didn’t deserve finishing where we did this year. 

But we have to move on and that’s what today’s post is about. Coming to terms with what’s happened and moving on to ensure we have a better season. I’m dwelling solely on the on pitch performances, (there still remain other areas the club needs to improve. We’ve cried for replica jerseys, those still didn’t arrive this year. They are too numerous to count).

So I’m done grieving. Here on the blog, we are done grieving. We are done lamenting on the mistakes of this term. We are forgetting the past and looking toward the future but of course armed with the lessons we’ve learnt. Someone introduced me an English word. She called it ‘Bouncebackability’. It means exactly what it sounds. We can trust Enyimba’s Bouncebackability, next season has to be better. 

But the time to start out that is right now!

Back tomorrow



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