Enyimba 0-1 Nasarawa United: Shakespeare knows 

Good morning.
You could do one of those quarrelsome Nollywood mother-in-law replies and go, “What is good about this morning, ehn?!” but then, think about it. The air is clean – you know this because you can breathe it in, the sun is up, it’s the Lord’s day. If after taking all of this into account, you’re still pissed off at the result of the football, then allow me to say, “Brother, I know exactly how you feel. Want a drink?”

Speaking of drinks, if you’re a ‘glass half-empty’ kind of guy, then yesterday’s loss to Nassarawa United was a huge opportunity missed, the (semi)final nail in the coffin of a rotten season. If, like me, you’re a ‘glass half-full’ guy, then this was euthanasia: putting us out of our misery as quickly as possible.

I did not myself see the game, but by all accounts, the 1-0 loss flattered us a little. I mean, I lost count of how many times ‘Afelokhai’ flashed on the screen, and he’s hardly a “sweeper keeper”. That cannot be good. Sure, it’s his job to make the saves, being only one of two people on the pitch allowed to use hands. Still though…

Well, we should have expected no less. Our opponents are not pushovers by any stretch; we touched on this yesterday in the preview. They were Solid, and they certainly set to our defence like they were excavating earth, Mining for goals.

Anyway, the old lady’s voodoo worked. Ex-Player Who Must Not Be Named did not score. He did however win the penalty with which Nassarawa United sent us tumbling out. What is it with old, witchy hags and never telling you the whole truth? This is like that thing from Macbeth where the ambitious nobleman is told he will not lose unless Birnam Wood moves to Dunsinane, and that no man born of a woman can defeat him. We know how that turned out…

Just a reminder there to read your Shakespeare, friends and neighbours. Read your Shakespeare.

It was odd to see the lineup too, and perhaps that should have set some alarm bells ringing. Hardly any call for resting players at this stage of the season, so it was hard to justify leaving out the likes of Kelly Kester and Nzube Anaezemba, our two most impressive midfield performers this season. Also can’t hurt to have your topscorer in all competitions available for selection in a crunch, can it? Ah well, the coach (and management) knows best.

No, we will not speak of the gaffer today. No sir/madam, we will not. Sue me. Back tomorrow.



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