Saving Grace 

​Good morning all.

Well, I suppose an apology is in order for my truancy over the past couple of days. The small matter of exams at the moment, so I’m caught in a cycle wherein my time is not really mine. You know that creeping guilt whenever you catch yourself even remotely having fun? Yeah, I have that a lot now.

If it’s any consolation, you haven’t missed a great deal in terms of happenings in and around the club. We are in Ibadan at the moment, of course, and tomorrow we take on Nassarawa United. That’s our own exam, innit? One we must pass to salvage the annus horribilis that has been 2016. That means literally what it sounds like – ‘horrible year’ – in case you were wondering, although I’m slightly disappointed ‘annus’ isn’t Latin for…y’know what? Never mind.

Our very own Razak Aliyu (remember him?) has been talking up our chances against the Solid Miners, and places the blame for our disappointing season at the feet of our (self-inflicted) stadium situation.

“For me, this is a season to forget because we did not do well. But I think it would have been different If we played in Aba.”

Amen to that, Razak. Amen. In a league where home wins are the very lifeblood of every team, what were we expecting?

“It’s not an easy thing – the stadium issue, but we have to take it in good faith, play very hard and get back to the Continent through the FA Cup.

“Nasarawa United are not a bad side at all, they are good too. They have good midfielders and strikers.”

Well, they’re in the semi-final of the Confederation Cup, and are a consistent top half league side. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out…

“The likes of our former player, Abdulrahman Bashir and Esosa Igbinoba. They have a good team but we have to put in everything to get the result we need.”

Ah, yes. Abdulrahman Bashir. Anyone heard of the curse of the ex-player? Yes, that means exactly what it sounds like. Hell hath no fury like an ex (player) scorned. Gulp.

The Chairman has also had a say, stressing in a conversation with Goal that the club’s hunger for silverware remains intact.

“Have you ever seen Enyimba finish a season without a trophy?”

Well, until this season, I hadn’t seen us in 10th either, so… These things happen; just because something does not happen frequently does not mean it can never.

“We didn’t finish the NPFL season in a position we’d like to but we must be grateful however we are still in a strong position to lift a trophy this year.”

On message then. We’re not where we want to be by any means, but we have been presented with an opportunity to make amends and pull something from the burning building. Preferably without getting clocked over the head with a falling beam.

Back tomorrow for a preview of sorts.



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