Being grateful 

Good morning Everyone. 

Its a different post here today and if you’re regular here, you’d recognize who this is. My name is Sam Nnaji and I’m 32 today. Ok, I know what some of you are thinking- Some of you who had greeted me in “error”, there you have it, you’re older. End of debate. 

Today, I just want to talk from my heart, leaving Enyimba out of it all as much as possible. It’s been quite a ride, these 32 years. I’ve learnt a lot, been in interesting places, accomplished some feats, failed in a couple of stuff; all of that has contributed to this 6ft 6inches frame. 

I was thinking last night of the words my Pastor shared at the start of this month; October, the month of Increased Grace. Life ought to be of grace. Everything that comes to you in life shouldn’t all be of your efforts and muscles. There has to be a place where unmerited Favour shows up and takes over. 

I’m looking at where I am today, and I’m grateful to the one who has brought me thus far. I see the hand and favour of God in the things I’m involved with. There’s been the place of hard work and diligence but grace provided the favour and the speed.

I’ve made blunders. Heavy duty mistakes. I have things lined up in the past I probably would’ve done differently but I learnt and I’m learning and like the Apostle Paul said, to forget the past while pressing toward the mark. My eyes are on the prize. I’m beating against the resistance and I’m pushing to the things ahead. 

I’m far away from my destination, but I’m on my way and I’m making progress and the light I can see is guiding me toward it. I just want to encourage someone who’s not been on the bright side of things. Maybe you’ve had to struggle and go thru the hard places of life. 

Maybe you’re looking at your mates and you’re thinking you’re being left behind. Well, it’s only over when you decide it is. Maybe you’re a footballer and you’re thinking you’re at your wits end. Remember there’s a God who specializes in turning water into wine. 

If you trust him, if you can let him hold your hand, he can make something beautiful out of your life. If you let him guide you, lead you in your way, he will level the mountains before you. He can make your dreams come thru. That’s his speciality. 

I’m not sure if there’ll be a party today. Maybe I’ll just spend the day with my mum. It’s my first birthday without my biological father. So maybe I’ll just share the day with her. I have loads of fathers and friends to thank for their love and Input in my life. I can’t name all of you but thank you. 

I have to pause this post here. Sorry if there’s nothing Enyimba here today. I assure you, there will be tomorrow. May God bless and keep you. May he send you help speedily when you need it. I do love everyone of you who come here daily. It means a lot to me. Thank you. 

Solace returns tomorrow. 



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