Change begins with me

Good morning all.

Yayyy! Nigeria is a year older. Now up to 56, you know. Happy Independence Day, everyone.

The theme on days like this is one of hope, and really in spite of the prevailing mood of the nation, no one can pull in any meaningful direction without hope. We have to believe, on some level, that things can and will get better. Even though the evidence we see physically may not support this conclusion. Hoping against hope, as it were.

If not, what’s the point, really? We might as well pack it in.

Much as we look to the government to put in place the policies needed to take our nation where it ought to be, we also have a part to play as the citizenry. ‘Change begins with me’ was a terrible error of judgement, and failed to take in the temperament of the followership at the time, but it is true in many ways. We have to do the right things too. Nigeria is not the mass of land, or the vegetation, or even the pools of oil which will one day deplete completely. It is all of us.

Back to football, which is my forte. The league season is over, for us at least. Our attentions are fixed on our Federation Cup semifinal next weekend. On the balance of our play and results this season, we have no reason to be particularly optimistic. However, like Elephants that we are, we expect that, if we perform to the uttermost of our potential, we have more than enough to get the business done.

We, as the fans and followers of the team, have a role to play. Get behind the team. Granted, there is not a mountain of evidence in favour of it, but that is why we believe. We have seen this season what the collective will of a passionate fanbase can do, with Rangers set to secure the title this weekend. It may have seemed corny seeing the technical crew chant “Believe” all the way through, but we sometimes forget there is a human element to football. The club may be bigger than the players, but without them there is no club to speak of. It is a football club, after all.

You may say the players are paid, but so is the opposition. You cannot outspend everyone you meet. You can, however, awaken the players to the sense that there is more on the line than kicking about a round ball of leather for 90 to 120 minutes for a paycheck. So, as it were, victory begins with me. Hehe.

I’m going to stop here, and apologies by the way for the lateness of this morning’s post. I had a most interesting night. Back tomorrow.



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