Hello from the other side

Good morning Everyone. 

How I’ve missed this place. Handing this blog over to the English master himself @TheOddSolace wasn’t something I prepared for. I mean breaking a daily routine always have to require some adjustments. Prior to this time, when I wake up and pray, next is the blog. Nowadays it’s different and I miss it very much. 

Do I have any regrets? Do I wish things were same as they were before? I’ll answer on another day but I’m glad and grateful that things are pretty much going nice and good right here and that’s a big thumbs up to the English master. He’s done a fantastic job so far. 

But the writer in me wouldn’t want to just stay low. I’ve been thinking of a weekly dairy, (maybe not on this blog) where I just rant and say hello from the other side. Nothing incriminating or excessively revealing but you know some behind-the-scenes incidents like how some military men at some checkpoint would only let us pass after we’d assured him that we just won the match we were returning from. Thankfully, he couldn’t verify the info we fed him. 

Our League season is over and I think the one thing everyone would have learnt from it is that, Enyimba isn’t the biggest football club in Nigeria without a reciprocal effort. Players won’t just jump ship and get into Enyimba because Enyimba ‘always wins things’. Winning takes hardwork, dedication, discipline and putting the team first and that’s how we won the things we have won through the years. 

I remember a story our former striker Ayaya (Emeka Nwanna) told me sometime last year. During that 2003/2004 CAF Champions League campaign, there was a game they needed to win away from home and he said the goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama and another player came to his room and promised him some money (their bonuses I think) if he scored a goal. 

He took up the challenge and true to plan, he scored and Enyimba won that game 2-1 I think. After the game they brought the money to his room. But he waved them away and said, it’s our job to fight and win for the team. It got me thinking, the victory mattered so much to them that they offered to motivate their fellow player to get the goal. That is the Enyimba we know. 

Money plays a significant role in today’s professionals but beyond just the money, there’s the dream of victory. There’s the dream of attaining a legendary status. In other words, the primary drive shouldn’t be about what Enyimba can do for you but for what you can do for Enyimba. What your ability and passion can bring to Enyimba. Because Ultimately, in the success of the club is your Legend. And your money. 

Here we are, talking of next season and how we will be better and all that. It’s just akin to when people say, The coming year will bring me such and such, but we all know it does not work that way. How successful a coming year will be is only a reflection of what disciplines, what new things, what new resolve you’re taking with you into it. Otherwise the coming year will be no different from the one just past. 

In other words, next season won’t automatically become different because we all want it to. Next season will only give us the harvest of what we have sown into it. Meaning that if we fail to consciously change the things that went wrong this term, the chaos of this year will only be a child’s play when compared with next year’s. 

Done for today, and I wish I can say ‘back tomorrow’ but don’t kid yourself, your English master will return tomorrow. 



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