Ending with a whimper

Good morning everyone.

What’s good about the morning? Well, the sun is up, same as always. The very emblem of consistency, brightening our days and keeping us warm and fed. You can pretty much set your clock to it, and indeed we do.

If this sounds like I’m avoiding the events of yesterday in Nnewi, then I’m inclined to ask where you got such an idea from. Speaking of which, where do ideas come from anyway? Our environment, there’s one. Experiences and interactions with those around us, seen and unseen.

So no, this is not an attempt to divert attention. We faced FC Ifeanyi Ubah (really, are they permanently married to that name now?) yesterday afternoon, and let’s just say we have nothing to show for our exertions. You know how the Scripture says there is reward in every labour? Well, the players get theirs regardless of results anyway, so technically, the Scriptures remain infallible. What would we do without them?

The hosts went ahead inside the opening three minutes, and that was it. Game, set and match. Oh, and Moses Ocheje had a whole host of saves to make to keep that scoreline respectable. Like we ascertained in the preview, this is not a fixture that is ever drawn, neither is it favourable to the visiting team on the day.

Hardly an ideal way to end the season, but you cannot argue that it isn’t fitting, considering the year we’ve had. When you follow a team of Enyimba’s reputation and standing, losses should not feel routine. You should be able to muster some rage, some alarm. In truth, I found myself struggling to care about the result. Maybe that comes of having nothing to play for. Maybe. 

We have at least one more game this season, but that will be the Federation Cup semi-final. I know it has seemed lately like we are conserving energy and resources for that one, but if you honestly feel confident about our chances, let’s see your hands up. Yeah, me neither.

In other news, Rangers International are a point away from catching us up on seven titles. You cannot begrudge them, they have been the best team in the league this season, without a doubt. Coach Imama is also one you cannot help but feel happy for. They have endured a long wait, and so we congratulate them for a title well earned. Don’t worry, they’ll get that point they need; even they cannot bottle it from here on in.

Finally, the CAF Champions League (remember that?) semi-finals are done and dusted, and it’ll be Zamalek vs Mamelodi Sundowns in the final. Guess we can feel somewhat justified that we were third best behind Africa’s two best teams this year. Scant consolation, I know.

Tomorrow, we go again.



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