Here’s to New Beginnings 

Good morning all.

Relatively brief post today. It’s my first day at the helm of the blog, as our readers are aware. First off, it is only proper to give a huge pop to the previous admin, who has moved on to a greater responsibility with the club we all know and love. Looking at the volume and regularity, as well as quality, of the work he has done here is truly humbling. One only hopes it will continue in similar vein going forward.

Indeed, it is his commitment to maintaining a high level that led him to reach out, which goes to show just how highly he esteems your daily readership. Any of our married female readers will attest to the crushing disappointment of serving up a piping hot breakfast, only to have it rebuffed or ignored. We do not take your visits to the blog for granted, and the hits are more than just numbers.

So, best of wishes to the outgoing admin as he begins his new adventure as part of the Enyimba Media team. Best of wishes to me as I begin my own new adventure here with you all. Best of wishes also to our very own Dare Ojo, who recently became a father. New beginnings all around, eh?

Mr. Ojo has been a real shining light for the club this season, even while filling in at right-back, a different position from the one in which he made a name for himself. The Scriptures say children are a reward, and so this little one says ‘Thank You’ better than any words can. If the baby grows to pack a shot remotely as powerful as its father’s, then there will be some shattered windows, I can tell you that.

Anyway, we will be guests of Ikorodu United in Abeokuta tomorrow, so there will be a proper preview then. What a season it’s been; I, for one, cannot wait to see the back of it. What with playing away from our hallowed Aba ground, to continental engagements, new management finding its feet – this has felt like something of a gap year. The sooner it’s done, the sooner we can start afresh, and get back to being what we are. The politicians may have worn this statement out, but “judge us next year”. We will be back.

Have a fabulous day.



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