The news you’ve heard already 

Good morning All, 

The team leaves Lokoja sometime this morning and heads toward Abeokuta as we look to play one of our two remaining outstanding fixtures. The defeat in Lokoja is no longer news but the manner of it still reminds everyone that we are not yet where we want this League to be. 

Anyway I have no intentions of getting into all of that right now as there are more recent developments we can engage ourselves with. First and foremost yours truly has joined the Enyimba Media Team. Some say it’s been coming and there had been repeated calls and pressures to do so.

The truth is that there has been a vacuum and the challenge to make a difference inspired me to make the move. I already said on this platform that my plans were not to become the club’s media officer but thing is, one can either whine and wail about the lapses and the things the club should do that they aren’t or make himself available to contribute and make a difference. Afterall and at the end of the day, we want the best for the club. 

So you can be rest assured that if there is any info from within the club, it will be out there ASAP. Details of fixtures, results, live updates, news of players, signings, goings on within the club, it will be out there as they happen. The club’s media platforms Facebook, Twitter and the website will be the first port of call for all of such news. 

So where does that leave us and ThatEnyimbaFan? I’ve thought hard and long about it and this blog being my little baby and a daily port of call for a lot of our fans, I’m reluctant to just shut it down. Again, my primary conversations right now is the protection of the interests of the club and such I may not be here to rant as previously. 

But I’ve handed the responsibility of the blog to @TheOddSolace and should any morning pass and there isn’t a blog post here for you, charge it to him and not me. In fact should be skip anyday, look for him and hurl stones toward his head. Ensure you don’t miss. But I’ll write at least once a week this time as a guest. But that would most likely be match stories or reviews. 
The ultimate goal is to give our best for the good of the club. We all won’t be here forever but with the time we have to serve, we always have to give our best. There are not a lot of things in this country that can make someone happy and to smile with glee, but we can find some joy and fun and comfort supporting Enyimba. 

There’s no way Enyimba will give you good and heartwarming results all the time. In fact based on what things we have experienced this season, Enyimba can offer some heartbreaking news at times. But in spite of those we can find joy and happiness and a sense of belonging with Enyimba and that’s what our expectations should be. 

This hasn’t been the easiest blog post to write. But it’s not the end, I’m still very much within reach and I can assure you I’ll juggle my responsibilities while keeping an eye on what happens here. 

Have a beautiful week everyone and Happy Celebrations to our Muslim friends. 



5 thoughts on “The news you’ve heard already 

  1. Happy for you bro, hope u will not forget to work on some of the issues we all critisize the club for, also you guys should do something about the team website. Thanks


  2. Congratulations brother. I hope solace chukwu will keep up the good work. And please don’t go there and become muted and ineffective sha. Thanks


  3. Wow…goodnews! I trust and know what you can do bro,please now you are at the corridors of power,please like what one of the fan said,channel most of what we are clamouring for to the management.True fans of the club needs to be identified out there….REPLICA JERSIES.wishing you the best da big sam!


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