From Makurdi with a basket of food and no points

Good morning Guys, 
Our sojourn to Makurdi saw us leave empty handed, adding Lobi Stars to the likes of Rangers, Rivers United, Heartland and Sunshine Stars as teams who got 4 points off us this season. An early goal, conceded before the game was 6 minutes old was enough to hand us our tenth League defeat of the season. 

You can understand the frustration with the Enyimba faithful especially coming from last season’s heroics but we can also admit that these performances and results are hardly surprising with what happened with us at the start of the season. We’ve sang those issues on this blog so much that the autocorrect on my device can as well help me repeat them. 

Last season we left the Aper Aku with a draw, Idris Aloma’s strike before a late penalty salvaged a point for them and while we lament on our performance, we must also acknowledge that this is a different Lobi Stars side. A side of better quality? Of better quality than they were last year and not necessarily better quality than us. 

I didn’t see the game and honestly the updates from the usual channels gave away very little but the overall final scores says it all. It was another defeat. But it’s hard writing a blog after a defeat especially when defeats have been repeated as much as it has been this year. Feel free to blame the coach or the players or the management, but I wouldn’t be doing any of that with you. Not today. 

A defeat at the Aper Aku at this stage of the season is not out of place. Any kind of point at an away ground at this stage of the season is a golden egg. Yes I said so. Especially with teams that have something to play for. I was accused last night on Twitter of supporting mediocrity. My response to that is, step out of your palour on a match day and visit an NPFL venue, support the away team and see how easy that is. 

Fans are quick to turn on the coach whenever there is a defeat but are some of our expectations of Enyimba sensible? I mean at this stage of the season? Do we have super humans as players who must win everywhere? You’d site our recruiting and blablabla but how many of our players are in the Super Eagles? As far as I know most teams in the NPFL are of similar quality. 

Look at Rivers United yesterday. They got bashed 4-0 by a team only three hours away. This is a Rivers United team that has concended two goals at home all season. They’re second placed on the log yet they wouldn’t find their mojo at the Cathedral. My point is, defeats are part of the game and in the NPFL, everyone gets a good share. 

Moreso for a team we know it took this long to arrive at some form of concord, I wasn’t surprised at yesterday’s result. I saw Heartland lose to Ikorodu United. I saw those players toil and labour in the rains to salvage their season against an already relegated opposition. Heartland had 21 attempts on the Ikorodu goal, the visitors had one shot on target and it turned the winner. Football is that cruel. 

So today, there are no blames coming from this blog on Paul Aigbogun or the players or the management. We lost a football match and that’s part of the game. 

In other news, Super fan and supporter of this blog Dr. Patrick Okpalanwa had his traditional wedding at the weekend. May God bless your home sir. Also, today is the birthday of my friend and brother @TheOddSolace who turns 17 today :). Too bad he won’t be able to play at the Under 17 Championships anymore. He’s a regular writer on this blog and we wish him all of God’s blessings. 

Back tomorrow 



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