Uche John loving it at Right Back

Good morning Guys, 

We are in Benue State to face Lobi Stars while the ‘rest of the world’ is in Uyo to watch Mikel Obi and Victor Moses and Kelechi Ihenacho. Yours truly is with the later group, OK, not like its anyone’s business. A little bit of me time wouldn’t hurt anyone. 

We have a tasty tie on our hands at the Aper Aku Stadium tomorrow but we would handle that on the Match Day preview. Today however we look at emergency Right Back Uche John and how he has coped with the new position. With Ojobo’s exit early in the season, the club had struggled to find a stopgap. But after several experiments, it appears Uche who got down the Center Back pecking order has come to accept the role as ‘home’. He made some revelations in a recent chat. 

On playing the new role:

First of all it has not been easy coping in that wing being a new wing I was just introduced to. Although I never loved to play that wing, I don’t have any option. Its my career and wherever I am asked to play, I just have to put in my best. So now I’m beginning to love to play the wing also but I’m a Center Back and that’s where I love playing”.

At what point did you embrace the wing and what inspired confidence that you can do this?

Before we played Sundowns, in the game against Kano Pillars in Port Harcourt, I played in the wing. Many people, friends watched the game and after the game I began to receive many calls and texts from people from different places. Within the country and outside like South Africa and Namibia, they said I did very well”

Even my former coach called me and said I should just concentrate and keep playing there that I have all it takes to do well there. And also fiancé who watched the game also called me and said I made her proud. So I made up my mind to keep playing there and to do well”

What are the targets for the club at this stage

Now that we are out of the Champions League, people have been talking but truth is that we have played all our matches away from home and it is not easy. Our target is to make sure that this season, we don’t end up trophyless. We must show something at the end of the season”

The League is not over yet, if we push harder like we did against Warri Wolves I believe we can still win the title at the end of the season. The boys are ready and we are prepared to get a good finish. We want to get as much points as we can get especially away from home to ensure we show something at the end of the game”.

Watching the Sundowns game, the Akwa United game and the Warri Wolves game last Wednesday, its obvious that Uche is playing with no handbrakes anymore in his new role. Some overlapping runs, willingness to get forward and join the attack as well as having a go when he gets a clear sight of it just shows perhaps we can rest assured our RB is secured at least for the mean time as long as he keeps it up.

There are slight changes on the blog in the next couple of days. Not letting the cat out of the bag but there would be changes, good changes on the blog soon. Just watch this space.

That’s all we can share this morning. Back tomorrow with the match preview.

Have a good one, 



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