Chops and Cuts, End of an Era 

Good morning all. First off, some news. As we all know, we will face off against Nassarawa United next weekend in a bid for a Federation Cup final place. Apparently, the team should travel this weekend and begin camping early for the big game. The entire evaluation of our season rests on this competition, to … Continue reading Chops and Cuts, End of an Era 


Quantum of Solace 

Good morning all. Hope you all enjoyed having the previous blog admin back on yesterday. No, scratch that. I’m sure you all did. However, as he promised, it’s me back again this fine morning. Think of me as the stern and brusque nanny, and him as the doting but frequently absent mother. So, I was … Continue reading Quantum of Solace 

Hello from the other side

Good morning Everyone.  How I've missed this place. Handing this blog over to the English master himself @TheOddSolace wasn't something I prepared for. I mean breaking a daily routine always have to require some adjustments. Prior to this time, when I wake up and pray, next is the blog. Nowadays it's different and I miss … Continue reading Hello from the other side

Tomorrow isn’t promised 

Good morning friends. First off, would like to give my heartfelt thanks to you, Constant Reader, for your support and encouragement. Means a lot to know someone is on the other end, poring through these words as I hammer them out. It goes a long way in terms of motivation, especially seeing as happenings in … Continue reading Tomorrow isn’t promised 

Ending with a whimper

Good morning everyone. What’s good about the morning? Well, the sun is up, same as always. The very emblem of consistency, brightening our days and keeping us warm and fed. You can pretty much set your clock to it, and indeed we do. If this sounds like I’m avoiding the events of yesterday in Nnewi, … Continue reading Ending with a whimper

Match Preview: FC Ifeanyiubah vs Enyimba 

Good morning all. Today. It ends today. We can finally draw the curtain on this season after today’s meeting with FC Ifeanyi Ubah. Interestingly, it may not be the last time we face them this season - they’re also in the Federation Cup semi-finals, just as we are. Many already have it down as a … Continue reading Match Preview: FC Ifeanyiubah vs Enyimba 

PTSD, Conspiracy theories and Tales by Sunrise

Good morning all. Woke up about a dozen times in the middle of the night panting in terror, convinced I could see silhouettes of fierce Warriors advancing on my bed. I could swear they had weapons of ivory, and were clothed in Elephant hide. So, I did some investigating on Google, and found this. Explains … Continue reading PTSD, Conspiracy theories and Tales by Sunrise

Excusing the inexcusable 

Good morning all. So, perhaps it would be best to take a few huge gulps of oxygen before beginning this match report. Deep breath… in and out, in and out. There… the sky isn’t falling. After a defeat like yesterday, with your emotions all over the place, you want so badly to vent your frustrations … Continue reading Excusing the inexcusable 

Match Preview: Abia Warriors vs Enyimba 

​Good morning all. So, it’s the derby today. THE derby. Elephants vs Warriors. The heir vs the ugly duckling.  We could go on all day. In truth, the lustre of this derby is somewhat lost. Our first three meetings against Abia Warriors saw them develop into something of a bogey team for us, oddly enough. … Continue reading Match Preview: Abia Warriors vs Enyimba 

Unknown unknowns- Things we don’t know that we don’t know ​

Good morning all. Late-ish post this morning. Wish I could even make it better by saying that good things come to those who wait. Well, yes they do, for the most part. Does the patient dog always get the heftiest bone? I’ve always wondered about that, to be honest. Imagine sitting patiently for an unspecified … Continue reading Unknown unknowns- Things we don’t know that we don’t know ​