Great times for Kester; the big man who has made a big impact

Good morning People of the world, 

Isn’t there something about our number 12 jerseys especially in recent times? They just seem to be loved by all. Rasheed Olabiyi was a fan favorite before he left, Obiozor the season afterward and now the lanky Kelly Kester. 

My Cousin @okoroukachigoz1 thinks Kester is his favorite Enyimba player and his write up today is what’s served on the menu. It’s below, Enjoy!

Midfielders are generally positioned on the field between their teams’ defenders and forwards. Some to play a more defensive role, breaking up attacks and are more disciplined to their roles they are otherwise known as defensive midfielders, while others blur the boundaries, more mobile, efficient in passing and are commonly known as deep lying playmakers, box to box or holding midfielders. Midfielders are the players who typically travel the greatest distance during a match.

In Kelly Kester Oahimije, Enyimba has a midfielder who is an all-rounder who is very good at his job. Standing at 6ft 4’ he is an intimidating presence in the middle of the pack. His calm but effective style of play is what endears him to his numerous admirers. Not forgetting his swaggering confidence.

What makes this gaint good is that he always puts the team first. The first step to playing as a defensive midfielder is to understand your role and accept it -this he does very well. He is always there to work hard and to help everyone else. As the defensive midfielder he protects the back four, tucking between the two center backs when necessary, gets forward to support the team with score goals and assists. 

As a defensive midfielder, his tactical awareness is very admirable. He is at the heart of the team and holds everything together allowing other players to express themselves. He covers the gap between the midfield and the back four, cover the left and right full-backs when they go forward and the central defenders when they push further up the pitch.

Physicality is a very important part of his game, knowing that the first contact in a 50-50 battle is really important. Being strong in the first tackle he simply notifies the opponent, ‘I’m present and I’m ready to make things difficult hard for you’. Intimidation is part of the game, but as a defensive midfielder he also is really good technically. This admirable maestro is not all about brute force and intimidation, he also possess a delightful passing range. Be it short passes or long racking balls (horizontal or forward) Kester brings it all to the game and he possess a rare ability to recycle the ball to keep his team ticking over.

In a season where the Peoples’ Elephant has struggled, Kester has been one shining light. For me and many others he has been the Peoples’ Elephant player of the season so far. I hope our national team handlers are watching and taking note of this fine player whose presence will bring the much needed steel in the Super Eagles’ midfield. Next time you watch Enyimba, watch out for jersey number 12, he is the man. 

Up Enyi!

I enjoyed that one. The lads are in Warri to play Wolves tomorrow in one rescheduled fixture. More on that in our next blog. 

Till tomorrow, 



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