Do Enyimba fans complain too much?

Good morning People of the world,

Its the end of what was quite eventful week from an Enyimba point of view. Our Champions League campaign was effectively ended in a cold night in Egypt, leaving us just fighting on two fronts- the League and the Federation Cup. 

Someone asked me on social media why we Enyimba fans complain too much. He said, “Look your team wins a trophy like every season, yet you’re complaining because you were eliminated from the CAF Champions League. You are favourites for the Federation Cup and in fact, you’re two wins away from going joint top of the log. Why are you complaining?”

I didn’t quite believe that last part where he said we are joint top with two wins of our outstanding games. So I checked and he wasn’t far away from the truth. It was truly surprising and that of course has the pressure from the belief that winning the League is possible by viture of our current league position and that’s irrespective of what happens with Giwa. 

As per the Federation Cup, we are equally two wins from lifting the trophy meaning that in reality, things are not as bad as ‘we make’ them appear. I mean spare a thought for some other teams in the Championship like our Oriental brothers and state rivals (Heartland and Abia Warriors) who would gladly give an arm and a leg for a better league standing. 

But do we really complain too much? Are we just too critical of our team? Or do these things we point out have some elements of truth and genuine concern? If you ask me, I think the fact that we are the leading team in the country means that mediocrity isn’t something we gladly stomach in these regions. No, not in Aba. 

Some teams lose away from home and their fans blame the opponents, cite shoddy officiating and hostility by their hosts as reasons why failure is acceptable, but for Enyimba, we don’t care if you were in the valley of the shadow of death, we the fans just want you to come back with a result, regardless of what you gave up in the process. 

It is basically an Enyimba tradition as such it didn’t begin with these fans. We have as always seen ourselves as leaders and such we train ourselves not to offer ‘good excuses’ for failure. Regardless of what you face where you were at, the club expects you to surmount the odds and produce a result befitting of the side. That is the core Enyimba spirit. 

Last season (as I’ve said this on this side time and time again) our Centre back, Emmanuel Anyanwu voiced it when he said players are given a unique orientation on what Enyimba is about when they join the club. This is not just a club you start counting what you’re owed after you’re signed. This is a club that deserves some fire in your belly after you join. 

This is not a club where you put up selfies on Facebook after a disappointing defeat. The fans deserve some respect cos they are hurting from the defeat. I mean how insensitive can these guys be? To the hurting fans, those actions mean you don’t even care about the result. Even though it may be untrue, that’s exactly what your actions show. 

For people who don’t care of how their actions are viewed in the public spotlight, this is why some of them get overlooked when National assignments come up, no manager wants a player who is unhappy and unwilling to fight and show any passion for the jersey he’s wearing. 

So maybe we are too demanding of our players and our team but that’s because we don’t accept mediocrity here. We view ourselves as the leaders and as leaders we believe in discipline. We believe in commitment. We believe in staying focused and making real progress in your career. Yes we’ve played all of this season away from home but that’s a training for the future and that’s not even good enough excuse for failure. 

We don’t want you playing Enyimba forever. We want you to move to bigger things and all of that come from commitment, passion and hunger. That’s what this football club is about and that’s why we are this demanding of our club. 

If you think that’s too much to take as a player then obviously you signed for the wrong football club. 

In other news, our Abia Derby with Abia Warrior has been postponed. This is because of our Champions League clash with Sundowns on Tuesday. Make what you may of that 🙂 

Back tomorrow



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