Would Kadiri Ikhana have done better?

Good morning Guys 

Well obviously, the Enyimba community is currently on a lock down especially after our infamous Egyptian date. Would you blame anyone? In all honesty, the fans have endured watching a side that throughout the season have struggled to come to any kind of concord. 

Like I tweeted after the game, our game has been painful to watch in recent times. We do seem to start out nice and good but we tend to fade off quickly and then we forget we have a football match to win. Most recently in the games against Rangers and Sunshine, you know we got just what we deserved.

Here on the blog though, we have done a good deal of supporting the gaffer and the players all through the season. We try to keep things positive but that doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge that we really did have an awful season. An awful season so far because there is still two or so months left to play. 

But at this stage though, someone has to take responsibility for this horror show this season. Like I tweeted after the game, there has to be conversations at the end of the season. This is unacceptable and this is not the Enyimba we know. These are not the trademarks of this great club. Its like your son bringing home a result from school you know he’s better than. 

There’s the Kadiri Ikhana issue. My point in that direction is simple. Did sacking him get us to where we are currently? Yes. That’s not to take away anything from Paul Aigbogun but in sacking Ikhana we discontinued a winning team. For a team that just won the title, no major surgeries were needed, only minor appendages like our goalscoring problems.

Kadiri Ikhana did not win the title the year he rejoined us even though it was well within his reach. He needed a balanced squad and to continue from where he ended the previous one. He started well, got in the guys he needed and won us the title. We have to note tho, we also had a fair share of struggles last season and of course we couldn’t go far in the Continent. 

Would he have progressed this far this season in the Continent especially playing away from home? Its difficult to say in certainty because we got to the group stages more circumstantially than by how awesome we were in.those fixtures. Theophilus Afelokhai and his penalty heroics baled us out else a North African team looked set to stop us in our tracks yet again. 

But one thing is clear tho, Kadiri Ikhana’s teams boasted strong defensive properties. At no time last season or the one before did we lose a game by more than a goal margin. That was the basis for our title win last term. Such properties that could have helped in some of our games especially in the group stages. This term we have tried varying permutations in central defense and its worked sparingly. 

Take the Sundowns game in South Africa for instance, last season’s unit would’ve gotten at least a point. This Season’s unit has a thing for being reactive rather than proactive. Against Sundowns, it looked like the South Africans would just step up the gears and get a goal whenever they felt like. We didn’t see that happen last season. 

One word on Aigbogun tho, this is a new man in a new team with many new faces on the pitch and on his technical area. Joining two weeks into the campaign and the pressure to quickly arrest poor results did not helped him either. Does that mean he’s rubbish and doesn’t know jack about the job? No. He landed a job he looked not quite ready for. 

We are still alive in two competitions. Let’s get to the finish line and hope the management makes divinely inspired decisions because just as the Oga kpata kpata said after the Zamalek game, we cannot afford a season such as this again. 

Back tomorrow



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