What if these guys never played for us again? 

​Good morning Guys, 

It’s the Wednesday before we play Egypt’s Zamalek. And well, there’s not much by way of information  coming from the camp except the usual, ‘we are working very hard, readying the boys for the clash in Egypt’. It’s a good thing talking of the team preparing very well for the game. But that there’s not much by way of updates from the camp is not a good thing.  

The League itself is on break, with a small percentage of players who have performed creditably so far currently in Spain for the NPFL La Liga tour. Quite a number of games are lined up for them during this stint in Spain and gratefully, we will see all those games on TV at least. That, I think is better than only reading of their would be exploits. So thank you AIT and the LMC for making that happen. 

As I looked through some pictures on social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it hit me. What if they never come back to play in the League again? I mean Barcelona might just see Joseph Osadiaye and think, yea this guy has got some stuff. Then they’ll approach the administrators and say, “We like him, and we want him”! Or maybe One of Diego Simone’s scouts just spots Afelokhai and says, “Oh yea, Simone would love this one”. 

I mean that’s very possible isn’t it? Perhaps Dare Ojo or Skippo Udoji just gets fancied thanks to their defensive awareness and BANG talks begin and the player gets to move. So last week’s draw with Sunshine Stars becomes the last time Udoji or Dare or Bassey or Afelokhai dons our blue. 

No I’m not trying to be funny or sarcastic because it’s entirely possible and what an opportunity that would be. Funny thing is, that’s how life happens. It may not be everyone’s favorite player, it may even be a player that not even the gaffer thinks he’s any good but he gets a chance and like they say, life happens and that player becomes a star overnight. Having not even paid a kobo of his money for ‘trials’ in Spain. 

It still boils down to the ultimate question. When the opportunity knocks, will you be ready? I’m thinking, there probably isnt one player who wouldn’t be longing to have made that cut for this trip. So I’ll ask, why didn’t you? “The administrators and coaches chose their friends and boys for the trip and no one gave me an opportunity”. Sounds like a lame excuse and if you’re sincere to yourself, you know it’s a very pathetic excuse as well.

All of us are given same opportunities in life. But there’s no way you would be the best midfielder or striker in the league if you party at every opportunity and drink anything in a bottle. Some footballer approached me on social media months ago. Saying she (yea, she) needs publicity and a National team call up. Before I go on, I don’t have such powers right now. I’m no coach. Talk more of shortlisting who makes such cuts. But I went ahead and asked her of her position and her season stats.

When we were done talking, I called up a friend who covers the female Legaue and I asked him for the top five strikers in the women’s League. My new friend wasn’t on the list.  Bothered, I asked him. Tell me about player XYZ. She’s OK but she’s not in the top ten strikers. I went back to XYZ my ‘friend’ and tried to advice her on how I think she would improve. Her outrage was something else. Our friendship got badly severed and till this day we have never spoken again. 

Anyone can become as good as they want to. You just have to keep challenging yourself. It’s always about how much you’re hungry for success.  As always, It’s your attitude that matters more than anything else. Forget about who’s calling the shots now because life always happens and tables get turned, opportunities will always present itself but like we asked yesterday, when opportunities come, will you be ready? 

Forget about how the season went. Forget about where we are placed on the table. Have you personally, improved as a player or person within the past one year? Sincerely ask yourself, have I made any significant changes to my game. 

The guys that have gone to Spain may never play in the NPFL again. They could be plying their trade in Spain onwards. Some will also return unsuccessful from the trip. But there is a La Liga office in the country now and it’s possible this La Liga tour would be an annual thing. 

So I ask again, Will you be ready?

Back tomorrow. 


I know we’ve barely had any serious news from and around the club. That would change from tomorrow. Even if I’ll have to climb seven mountains and cross seven oceans to make that happen, I’ll do so. 


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