Finally Christian Obiozor speaks. 

Good morning People of the World. 

We stayed up late to cheer Samson Siasia and his boys, that meant extra minutes of sleep and well, a late blog post this morning. This morning we have an exclusive interview with the big man himself, our striker Christian Obiozor. The former Enugu Rangers man was injured midway through last season but after a couple of setbacks, he has made a recovery and has made a couple of appearances during the closing stages of games. Enough of the talk, lets delve right in. 

What was the experience of being injured for so long like and how do you feel now? 

“I’m feeling great. I really thank God because it was not easy but the most important thing is that I’m back and I’ve started playing. I’ve never had such injuries. In my football career, I’m not a player that gets injured. I  don’t get injured. So most times I just watch some teams play and I’m like, Oh I wish I can play. O really missed playing football that period. But I stayed positive and like my Pastor always says, I know who I am. I know that I will bounce back and that I will bounce back”. 

How did you cope dealing with this lengthy injury spell especially mentally? 

“What helped me the most was the word of God because during this period I went deeper into the word of God. I strengthened my relationship with God during this time and I thank God. The word of God inspired me a lot because he is one place you always go to and find encouragement. Sometimes you want to feel bad because of the injury but in God always, there’s always encouragement and strength. I also want to appreciate Chinedu Udoji and Ike Thankgod who normally called me to encourage me and ask me how I’m doing. I am very thankful to them”. 

How much support did the club management give you during this time? 

“I really want to say a very big thank you to the Chairman, the team doctor and every member of Enyimba management. They stood by me in a way that I did not imagine. Their support, their concern, calls, taking me to the hospital whenever I needed to go. I just want to appreciate them and God will reward them”. 

What sort of season has it been like for Enyimba?

“It’s not been easy for us this season we have played far away from home. All our games I call it away games because we have been playing in Port Harcourt and that has not been easy for us. Seriously. But we have fight till the end of the season. There’s still time, we have 9 matches till the end of the League season and we have 2 outstanding games against Ikorodu and Warri Wolves. We just have to fight till the end of the season. We just have to target getting something from those games. 

So you think Enyimba stands some chance this season?

I believe there’s nothing impossible. We can get something from the game in Egypt. Beat Sundowns here and we will qualify and make it to the next round. We are in the FA Cup semifinals. As for the league, we are currently 7th on the log. There’s still a lot to achieve this season. Nobody should write this team off. The League is still open, there’s the Champions League and the FA Cup. Seriously there’s a lot to play for and anything can happen. I believe that Enyimba will surely finish well and have a trophy at the end of the season. 

The new players in the team, which of them has impressed you the most? 

We have very good players. All of them have really impressed me. Chima Akas, Dare Ojo, Kester, Mosquito, Theophilus Afelokhai. We have very good players and they have all impressed me. I think if we play together longer, we will be a very difficult team to beat. 

The hunger to get back into the team and playing regularly. 

“I normally sit on the bench watching the game but for most of the time I feel like starting because I know I can do it. My mind is not on how long I have been injured. My mind is not going there. I’m back and I’m strong and healthy and not even thinking of what people are saying, ‘this guy is just coming back from injury, give him some time and everything’ but I’m not even thinking of that. Look, play me, if I can start, play me, I want to play and score goals and do my thing. I’m not thinking that because I’m coming from injury I should play for 15 minutes. But I’m not the coach to choose when to start but the most important thing is that I’ve been playing and I will get more time in the near future”.

So what’s ahead, what are the next target for you? 

I will like to come back to playing regularly. Play for longer 90 minutes, come into the game very well. I’m also hoping to not just play locally but to go foreign too. So playing regularly will ensure I can get offers from outside the country too. I got a lot of offers even during my injury period. I know very soon all of that will happen. 

Any word for the fans? 

I want to say a very big thank you to the fans they have been very supportive. Sometimes you go online and see the kind of thing they write about you. I’m really grateful and I don’t know how to pay them back. But I promise to keep giving my best always for the good of the club. I love them so much. 

Back tomorrow. 


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