What dreams the Dream team can inspire

Good morning Guys 

One of those days we’d love to forget everything Enyimbaness in us and be content with just being Nigerians. Yea I’m talking of the Olympic games result of last night. Arrive for a competition 5 hours to kickoff and still get a win against a better rested/prepared opponent. 

Growing up, we always heard people say, God is a Nigerian. I mean with such miraculous feats we saw in our football teams then, one would easily have gulped that in. Last night, with the travails the team faced, some of us already wrote off the team. 

But we pulled out an impossible result, getting our first three points of the Olympics and scored five times (and we conceded four too before we leave that one out). A good result that could prove the adrenaline shot for the rest of the competition. 

With such shambolic preparation the team would have been forgiven for losing the game. But rather than find very good excuses and reasons to lose the game, they found within them, the will power and resources to push on and get the three points. 

It looks like a good lesson for everyone. Irrespective of the kind of challenge you’re up against, you can triumph if you really want to. One of my mentors told me several years ago to avoid having ‘good excuses’. You can provide an explanation aimed at alleviating guilt or negative judgement but you know deep down within you, you could have done better. 

It beams the searchlight on us and our inconsistent performances this season. The basic reason everyone is frustrated (especially the fans) is very simple. We know that Enyimba is not a team that caves in without a fight in the face of the adversity and opposition. Enyimba’s history is lined up with such heroic feats. Achieving the impossible against the odds. 

That is why we must learn the lessons that this season has presented. It looks like not much can be salvaged of this season. Yea? What if we go to Zamalek next weekend and just do the impossible there. Claw three points out of the fire. Beat Sundowns in Port Harcourt to qualify for the semis. 

If you ask me, I’d say, that will salvage our season. Make amends for every sin committed by the team this season. It looks impossible. It looks a tough ask. But ultimately it is possible. 

Can we let the dream team’s Olympic start inspire us? What are story that would be. 

Back tomorrow 



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