We play Rangers at 4pm today

I have often wondered what makes this blog a daily thing. It’s not a ‘job’ that pays £500 monthly. In fact as it stands, it’s been us pouring money (the blog created) into the blog weekly, monthly. Right now we are thinking of getting a mobile app and returning to http://www.thatenyimbafan.com. 

So the question remains, why is the blog a daily thing? Why not blog when you feel like? Not like the club recognizes the blog and pays data salaries monthly. Far from that. I think it’s passion fueled by the fact that a lot of guys consume us daily. So when I’m up in the morning, my foremost thoughts are on what to give to our readers. With lots of junk out there, I am moved by a desire to give someone some good to look forward to. 

Why am I on this today? Especially seeing we have a match preview to attempt. I’ll explain in a bit. There are lots of us who have always wanted to get projects done but they’ve so procrastinated that the dreams are ebbing away. You just have to get started. An old proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, the next best time is today”. 

There may never be an ideal time, when everything would be nice and rice and perfect. So get started today and create a habit out of your passion, before long, it would get cast in stone. Of course there are days when it wouldn’t feel like you want to do anything. But the joy of the morning after, when you, inspite of the odds, still got stuff is just out of this world. 

A friend of mine earns cool cash from being a vocal trainer and music instructor. Some make money from writing books and from motivational speaking and believe me, they make much more than some folks who work 8-5 daily. Point is, if there’s something you do very well, there’s someone who can pay you nicely for it. Advertise yourself through diligence and quality output. You will be indispensable in your generation. 

We do have a football match today against red hot Rangers International. I know the Rangers coach would be on this blog today seeking for clues on how to beat us today. I believe our lecture on passion and making your dreams come to fruition would help him.

Rangers are a very attacking side and if we don’t get our acts together defensively they will hurt us. On the other hand, they are hardly the best defensive side out there. They have failed to keep a clean sheet in 9 consecutive games. That should tell you what needs to be done. 

Honestly, I won’t begrudge Rangers the title this season. Look I wasn’t even born during the times when they ruled this country and I think it’s fantastic reward for the work Imama and his boys have done all season. Today however we need to get the three points off them and pray for them to win their remaining games for the rest of the season. 

Maybe not the sort of Match Preview you’re used to. I promise a ‘match previewlike’ match preview next time. 

The game is live on TV. So we will all be tuned to Supersport from 4pm.

Back tomorrow 



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