Back to business, some kind of Match Preview 

Good morning Everyone.

Regular service resumes here. After a ten days period in honour of my late dad, it’s only expedient that we redirect our focus and move on in life. It hasn’t been an easy thing to do- garnering the strength to move on, but in all honesty, it’s the sane thing to do. Moreover like mum said yesterday, it’s what Popcy would’ve wanted me to do.

Within this period tho, I shockingly observed how little updated Enyimba information is out in cyberspace. For instance, the day we played El-Kanemi Warriors in the Federations Cup, there was very absolutely no information out there. I had to eventually ring up a player to get the scores of the game. Amazing really. Made me appreciate more, the little things we scribble here daily. 

It’s not just an Enyimba problem. There’s hardly any club out there whose details fill up cyberspace as regular and as sufficient as needed and well, a number of factors are responsible. My point is, our clubs and indeed football managers have a whole lot of work to do in disseminating information. 

Months ago we were complaining that the bulk of our clubs had no media presence. Twitter accounts, Facebook pages talk more of websites. I mean look at the LMC for instance. One major area whereby our local football is gaining interests is the fact that the League managers put out their info out there as regularly as possible. 

Live text updates, pictures, live matches, videos and match reports have populated cyberspace. People follow and thus fuel their passion. Clubs sprung up Twitter accounts and Facebook pages but the primary task of regularly giving out information is still not attended to. 

For instance, Enyimba has a Federation Cup rescheduled fixture with J Atete in Lokoja today but that information is not anywhere within reach on cyberspace. Shouldn’t a competition like the Federation Cup have some serious ‘noise making’ online? 

OK, hold on before someone says I’m just throwing stones, I’m saying, yours truly couldn’t find such details available on the Internet. Not even on the NFF Twitter handle. We all have to do better. 

That means we should do a preview this morning but again that’s difficult because I’m not sure who’s in camp, who is injured and who’s in the Lokoja party. I understand it would be a dress rehearsal for the Sunday clash in Jos while feeling the turf, we play Tornadoes in Lokoja in the days ahead. 

I believe however that strengthened with the Dogged win vs Pillars, we should be in our stride. Remembering also that it was a lower division side Remo Stars who eliminated us last season, we don’t need any warnings that these teams will play without pressure and thus without a handbrake. We must bring on our A game. 

Fully committed, fully focused performance, that’s the only way to win today. Because as it appears, the Federation Cup is our most likely source of Silverware and route to the Continent this season. 

All the best to the lads. 

Back tomorrow. 



2 thoughts on “Back to business, some kind of Match Preview 

  1. Excellent observation. It does not suffice to just create a platform, it has to be updated regularly or is absolutely useless. Case and point, the NFF website shows Wikki are being first in the NPFL with 42 points while we all know its Rangers with 46. Months after parting with Oliseh in the ugliest of ways, they still have a hang out corner for him. Makes no sense……….


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