My Shopping list for Heartland (Away). 

Good morning Everyone, 

It’s the last day of the marathon public holidays. Here in Abia State, our public holidays started on Friday last week. Friday, then Monday and then Tuesday, Wednesday and today. Guess when the offices will reopen, people would need mops and detergents to wash their offices of the accumulated dirts and dusts. 

That said, Happy Holidays to our Muslim brothers. As a Christian, there are one or two things I’ve particularly learnt from the Islamic religion. One is their discipline of prayer. Muslims pray several times daily. The thought of abandoning whatever you are doing at the moment, to retire to prayer inspires me Alot. I wish I can learn that habit. God will help me. 

The second one is the discipline of fasting. Until a man has overcome the cravings of his body, he’s not ready for an exceptional life. The fact that there is a whole month of the year (or even more) when they have to go throughout the day away from food and the desires of the flesh. That also is inspiring to me. Anyway, happy holidays to those celebrating, Kindly send over the pleasantries. Merci. 

 Well, we inch towards the weekend encounter. It’s been a full week of preparations in readiness of Saturday’s showdown in Owerri. Of course we have a couple of more days to talk of that encounter but last night I thought of a shopping list for the weekend’s big one. 

1. A goalkeeper who is on his A game: Looking back at this fixture last year, we traveled to Owerri with a goalkeeper who looked distracted and he eventually didn’t have the best of games. He conceded thrice even though one of the goals were disallowed. Clearly had his mind somewhere else and with such a goalkeeper, there’s no way you’re leaving Owerri with any kind of point. 

2. Eleven Warriors who won’t get reduced to ten or less: Mind still goes back to that encounter last year where we got reduced to ten men due to careless challenges. In the League, it is difficult to get reduced to ten men and not lose the game especially when the sending off comes early in the game. We did pull a goal back in the first half after they had taken the lead but we couldn’t hold out in the second. Their winner was a classic though, no denying them that. 

3. Strikers capable of taking their chances: Beyond a shadow of doubt, away from home, you won’t get a flurry of chances. They would be few and in between and it’s expedient that you take your chances. Last season, Sokari and Udoji had half chances in the closing stages which could have earned us a point but they couldn’t convert and we left empty handed. This week I believe the coaches would have but the lads through with Shooting drills. We gotta hit the target, we gotta take our chances. 

4. Compact, battling team: We must defend from the front. There’s been two games this season when we failed to concede- In Lagos and in Uyo. Heartland haven’t been the most impressive of teams so far this season but tempers and emotions in a Derby mean the scores could go either way. But you would surely lose if you fail to put up a fight or make silly defensive errors. 

That’s all I can ask for on my shopping list. That’s not much to ask is it? Surely not. 

We are working on a couple of stuff which will be made public in no distant time. Have a good one guys. 

Back tomorrow with more. 



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