Trouble looms. Our season could be in jeopardy. 

Good morning everyone. 

I’m sorry this is coming late. Pardon me. I’ve been really busy with some stuff lately. I felt it’s better rolling it out late than having nothing at all. So this should be quick and maybe thought-provoking. 

There’s hardly any Enyimba fan who wouldn’t want the club to win the League this season and that’s irrespective of our travails and inconsistencies this term. Perhaps by way of consistent and eye-catching performances, we may not have been right up there with the very best. Incidentally though, the League table right now shows not much of a difference with the League’s leading trio. Five points or so from Wikki and we have two games in hand. 

It however can be misleading if we fail to notice an undue advantage we have currently have. At this stage of the season, and with our current showing, Enyimba has an undue advantage with the rest of the League and that has shot us up on the table. I’ll explain in a bit. 

You see when Giwa FC were booted out of the League, it upset the cart. Rangers cringed and cried, many thought it didn’t matter much but as the title run in comes in view, we have become the side who would be worse hit by their expulsion. How? Why? You’d ask. Hold on, I’ll explain. 

In the recent past, League titles are often decided in the last two Matchdays of the season. Rarely do you see a team in the League win the title with two games to spare. And if we want to successfully defend our title, then we will have to be the first side in ages to do that. Our last fixture of the league season is a home game against Giwa FC of Jos. Smile. Yea that’s right. Well, we all know that game will not hold and there’s no three points coming from that fixture for us. So all other title challengers have one spare game at the tail end of the season to contest for the title. 

So what’s our last League game of the season? I’ll tell you. An away game at Nnewi. Will you honestly bank on this Enyimba side to win in Nnewi, a ground we have failed to pick any point in over ten years? Think again. 

This means that the margin of error and making excuses for dropped points at home and away pummelings are over. If we have to win the League or get in the Continental places, we must have that sealed by MFM at home (matchday 36) unless we can get points at Nnewi which although is impossible, is as difficult as you can get. 

So if we remain the dingdong of win at home, lose away and we win our outstanding matches, we would at best finish fourth this season, depending of course on how the other teams fare. But if we can find the resources to engineer at least two away wins, plus a 100% home record then we know we can be in the Continent next season. 

That’s all I have time for this morning. Ponder over that such that the final standings in October does not end up being surprising to you. 

Back tomorrow 



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