Back to League matters and Player of the Month for June 

Good morning Everyone, 

Been quite an eventful 24 hours on the blog. We’ll just have to move on and focus on more important stuff.

Not much really happening aside the fact that we are back in the country and ready to play El-Kanemi Warriors this Sunday in Port Harcourt. Yes Port Harcourt and that is really heartwarming. Isn’t it? 

One of the challenges we have faced has been playing games on the poor Umuahia turf but with this arrangement of playing at the Yakubu Gowon Stadium, we can find our rhythm quicker and we can utilize the array of decent players we have. 

You wonder why it took us this long to realize this. If this was an option, why did we wait so long to utilize it? No doubt, we have won a couple of games in Umuahia but you’d think that had we been playing at home or on a better surface like the PH stadium, there would be lot less pressure on the team and the gaffer. 

I have resisted the urge to call for the gaffer’s head as many fans have because I know we cannot judge him in isolation. If we were at home, playing with the background of our fans and the players he has were those he sanctioned their moves, then poor performances should be tabled at his feet. This is why I still don’t think he should be judged entirely by how this season goes. 

As poor as things look, we are just two wins away from being second on the table. We have at least two outstanding games which you would bank us to win. Add an away win and an impregnable home record, and you’d bank us to win the League. Are things as bad as recent results have suggested? 

I think that Enyimba failings are blown out of proportion. You would think that with that poor record of one win in five, other teams would have run away with the title, but obviously and evidently that is not the case. We are still within the fray and in fact we are still odds on to win the title this season. We are experienced in these matters. 

But ultimately, it’s the hallmark of a great team that our slips are much more pronounced than others. Teams who have lesser points than we do on the table are not even attacked as we are. This is not an attempt to exonerate the other flaws in the team. Truth is, we gambled with a lot of signings that just haven’t pulled through. 

That is why I think if we can hold our nerve to finish this season as highly possible as we can, next season would be much more fruitful. We would be playing at home, we would have let go of some of the poor performers and we can a better preseason, lot better than we did season. 

Whatever happens with the Champions League is anyone’s guess. If we go through, that would be a miracle but regardless of how you look at it, we have made much more progress in the Continent than we did in the recent past. Of course we can also think that we messed up a good opportunity to mount a serious challenge in the Continent. 

But that’s football and sometimes things like this happens. 

Our ThatEnyimbaFan player of the month should be announced today. Look no further than Dare Ojo! What a phenomenal performance he had given us this year. I also pray we can find a right back somewhere so we can have him back in midfield where I think he’s much more effective. 
Aside his goals which I think is mouthful of assistance to the strikers, Dare has been immense in whatever position he has been asked to fill in Central midfield, Right Back, Defensive Midfield. Won’t be surprising if we see him at Central defense or even in goal. 

Thank you Kwara United for getting relegated. Thank you for the gift of Dare Ojo. Follow him on Twitter @DontDareOjo. 

That’s all we can offer this morning. We will have a match preview tomorrow. 


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