CAFCL: Some early ‘Mamelodi Sundowns’ musings

Good morning Everyone.

Been a bit, hasn’t it? Sorry for the No Show yesterday. I had a late night Friday and got up pretty much late at which time I couldn’t write anymore. The fact that not much was happening from an Enyimba POV didn’t help either. So we swept yesterday’s blog under the rug. That’s the explanation.

It’s not a lot different this morning. Except of course the fact that we jet out to South Africa today. We play Mamelodi Sundowns on Wednesday in what is our most important clash of the season yet. So leaving today means we’ll arrive and settle in in time for our game. 

On the trip making itself, as beautiful as wearing the Enyimba tracksuits and carrying cute traveling bags is, wearing those rubber flat shoes slippers players wear just before they lace up their boots, makes a mockery of the whole scene. I don’t know if players think those footwears are really cute but if it’s worn in and around International airports, it looks really horrible.


Those are better in your hotel rooms but not to be worn around publicly. I had the chance to see the Etoile players when they arrived in the country, not one of them wore that sham. They wore canvas shoes and they looked smart. You can get into anywhere with such nice looking footwear that covers your feet. Compare that to what some of our players wear and you’ll see how local you look in those. Whatever are contained in those traveling bags y’all carry?


If you’re making such distances like from the team bus into the dressing room, that’s understandable but slapping the ground all the way to the airport, all around and then into the aircraft and arriving at the country you’re going to looks shabby to me, and to everyone else whose eyes see what my glasses see. Try something like this, you’ll look a celebrity in no time.


Does that matter? Or am I just making all of this up to gulp down my word count? Make your pick, but don’t forget that your attitude and carriage is more powerful than your skills and talent. Man always looks at the outward appearance. A good disposition and carriage opens the front door for you. I’ve got a post on attitude cooking up nicely, it would be ready soon.

Meanwhile Sundowns gaffer Pitso Mosimane has refused to put pressure on his players ahead of the CAF Champions League clashes they have lined up. In a recent article on their club official site he’s quoted thus, 

“Let Sundowns rub shoulders with Enyimba. They have won it about four times. Let Sundowns play Setif, they won it the year before..

“Let’s enjoy, let us find out what is happening with these clubs, where are we. Let’s see, we have a chance again next year. Maybe we can have fun this year and not fear next year. We will say we have learnt our lessons and go for it.”


Sounds like my kind of guy. Say all of that ‘No pressure’ to the press to divert the attention and pressure on himself and his team while ensuring they prepare very well for the tasks ahead. Liecester City have cousins everywhere.

That’s your lot this morning, we’ll chew more on this clash in the days ahead. It’s time for church now.

Back tomorrow with more.



2 thoughts on “CAFCL: Some early ‘Mamelodi Sundowns’ musings

  1. A very unusual subject yet very important. The reason our footballers are yet to be stars & the NPFL is paying a great price for it. Asides all other factors the difference between foreign players & Nigerian professional, between NPFL & EURO 2016 is PACKAGING


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