Derby Preview: Enyimba vs Abia Warriors

Good morning everyone. 

Writing the blog has been very difficult in recent times. I mean, you have to try to make sense of what going on with the team and you’re just a fan peering inside from the outside. It’s easy to cheer and support a team when times are good, the real test of your loyalty is when things are not working well.


We have endured our worst form in recent memory. In fact not even in the days of (fill in the blank) were things this bad. It’s been a stretch, a poor stretch, a bad run, nightmarish stuff. It may not have been anything close to Chelsea’s implosion in England last season but for every missed three points, rivals are spending away.

At this stage, you’re not sure who we can win anymore. The last time we won a football match was the 2-1 win over Warri Wolves. Remember how long ago that was/is? So to say we are long overdue a win is to put it really mild.

What has been wrong this season? Well, everyone has a fairly good explanation and reason for our slump. Well, news emerged yesterday that we have signed another assistant for Mr Aigbogun. Obviously the pressure is cranking up on everyone. But is the said gaffer, who is hardly the best tactician around, an upgrade?

Anyway more of that in the days ahead. For us, attention switches to the game with Abia Warriors this evening. Next after that is our clash with Sundowns of South Africa. In other words, if we are even looking to get something out of that tie in South Africa, we must beat Abia Warriors by 6pm tonight. To digress a little bit, what if Setif beats Zamalek next weekend and we beat Sundowns in South Africa? 

I’m not sure how the team would line up and honestly I don’t care, knowing we just need to rediscover form, any eleven sent out there that gets the job done will be very welcome. It’s about time the manager and his too many cooks (that mess up the Ogbono soup) actually contributes something noteworthy to this team.

Abia Warriors won’t be looking to do us any favours, Boboye was signed to get them to the Continent, and with a lot of other teams doing well too, you know he and his lads won’t be going any easy on us. We have beat them in the League just once since they gained promotion and that was enroute our title win last year. Surely not the kind of opponent you wanna face now but I believe that with a win we can turn the corner today.

Any kind of win will do today. 8-7, 5-4, 2-1, 1-0 name it. Just any one will do.

I hope we will be able to get some good fortune today and be able to stop the rot, that’s basically all the fans can hope for.

The game is in Port Harcourt and there might be updates but it’s via Twitter. @EnyimbaEnyi

Sorry if this isn’t the sort of preview you want, it probably was/is the most difficult match preview I ever wrote.

Back tomorrow with good news I hope.



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