CAFCL: What the fuss about a bus.

Good morning Everyone.

Hurray!!! Zamalek is in town and on Sunday, we go head to head with them in our first clash of the 2016 CAF Champions League Group  Stages.

Well expectedly, what has populated the cyberspace is how they allegedly refused to take the buses we arranged for them. It appeared that they made their own arrangements, which I think it’s the sane thing a team experienced in the Continent should do.


The club chairman Chief Anyansi Agwu also echoed the same thoughts in a recent chat: “These are things we have done for 10-12 years now. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a precautionary measure and every team has the right to take precautions”

“They didn’t refuse to, they simply made their own arrangements which is precautionary and what you expect a team experienced in the Continent to do. It’s the essence of it. The Champions League is something we have been involved with for over 12 years now so it’s not an issue”.

“They made that arrangement to be sure that no one will disappoint them. They were shocked to see two buses that we gave them, three escort security, two good buses instead of one. We were supposed to cater for a 25 man delegation, but we brought a brought two 32 seater buses, a car for their leader of delegation and the security escorts”. 


“They themselves made precautionary steps which is a normal thing that we have done 12-13 years now. It’s not like they refused to enter the bus, it’s just that they made their own arrangements and some of their officials entered the bus and they are using the buses today”.

“It’s not about whether or not they use the buses. The most important thing is that we have done our obligation”.

Nice. Coast cleared then. In the spirit of buses, there has been concerns about taking Enyimba fans to the game and the Chairman said a thing or two on that.

“The government is also doing that. The government has asked the local governments to sponsor people to the match venue. Also we are providing buses from the Aba Stadium to take fans to the match venue”


Well there you have it folks. That’s the clarification on the Zamalek rejecting buses issue and buses for the fans. Port Harcourt is not that far away from Aba. Baring traffic jams, one hour from full-time we should be back in our homes.

The Aba Stadium is yet to be fixed and while we wait, let’s do our best to stand with our team this weekend. By the way, I learnt that Defender Ikeh Thankgod got a head cut in training, let’s hope it’s not as bad as the gist had it.

Today’s blog is done and dusted, back tomorrow with more.



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