Postponed fixtures, fines and other things.

Good morning Brethren and Sistren…

Wetin dey sup? Trust all is well. I have to start with apologies for yesterday’s no show. My gadgets all just refused to work as tho they had some kind of meeting and agreed to just test my patience. So I took them to a mechanic who fixed the wahala. I know I just made it sound nice and easy but it was frustrating as it was expensive fixing them.

It’s been quite eventful from an Enyimba perspective and we will try to handle them one after the other. First and foremost, we won’t be playing the Federations Cup fixture against El-Kanemi Warriors that was slated for today in Abuja. This of course is to help us prepare for Sunday.

“CAF Champions League contenders, Enyimba FC, have appealed to the Nigeria Football Federation to move their Federation Cup Round of 32 clash against fellow NPFL side El-Kanemi Warriors as a result of their continental date against Zamalek of Egypt in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

The People’s Elephant, winners of Africa’s most prestigious club competition in 2003 and 2004, host the White Tribe at the Adokiye Amiesiamaka Stadium in one of the Day 1 matches of the group stage of this year’s competition.

“Enyimba has appealed for postponement of the encounter, and the NFF has granted this plea. They are flying Nigeria’s flag and the NFF has promised to give them all the support in their quest for glory,” Emmanuel Adesanya, Head of Federation Cup, told”

Surprised? Not one bit. I thought about it. However could we play in Ibadan on Sunday, head to Abuja to play El-Kanemi Warriors in midweek and then hurry back in time for the game against Zamalek. Aside the gruesome trip, we obviously are not going to be flying for those games, I think it also distracts our focus. So it’s a good one in my opinion.

What time means, of course is that the team has roughly one whole week to just focus and do what needs to be done in readiness for Sunday. The gaffer and his technical crew can have the full squad to work with also. Ideally you’ll think the rest of the week’s training should be with everyone in Aba. More details on that later.


Yesterday as well, the LMC metted out punishment to some clubs that erred in the past few weeks and the incident with Warri Wolves was part of the conversation.

The NFF Disciplinary Committee has directed #NPFL champions Enyimba to formally apologize to the management of Warri Wolves.

Enyimba’s apology letter to Wolves is in connection with its players unwarranted approach on the Wolves GM Mr Moses Etu in a Match Day game on 29th May 2016.

The NFF Disciplinary Committee says it is aware of Enyimba’s efforts to reprimand it’s players through fines.

Enyimba has been told to pay N500,000 fine instead of initial N750,000 handed by the LMC says the NFF Disciplinary Committee.

The NFF Disciplinary Committee all parties involves the matter have 48 hours to appeal it’s decision.

Pretty much straight to the point in my opinion yet again. I also believe it’s the right call and should serve as a warning to avoid any kind of repeat in the future. I understand that players can have grievances over unpaid salaries and owed bonuses but taking laws into your hand is not acceptable.

So how do you ‘fight’ a club that owes you? It’s simple. First of all I think it’s wrong for a player to sign any kind of contract without your lawyer/agent and without you having a copy of what you signed. There are good lawyers around and if you would have to pay your lawyer less than a twentieth of what the club pays you monthly, to ensure your interest is protected, I think it’s a smart thing to do. I know one lawyer, a very good and experienced one at that.
Bar. Johnny Ogba – 0810 449 0080.  He’s pretty good at what he does.


The problem is, sometimes our players are too self-centered to engage the services of lawyers whose duty is to protect the interests of these players. It’s just shameful. And when they run into trouble, they want journalists and radio personalities to make all the noises about it. How ironic.

The Nigerian Professional Football League is improving steadily and gradually and it’s getting more professional by the day. Everyone ranging from players, administrators, fans etc must consciously make this switch. Applying this professionalism to all they do.

Reading ThatEnyimbaFan isn’t the only thing you have planned to do today so it’s only wise to stop here. One last thing tho, the video highlights of the Nasarawa game is here. But I’ll advice you, the performance is so shameful you wish you didn’t watch it.

Back tomorrow with more.



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