Match Preview: Shooting Stars vs Enyimba

And the King shall answer and say unto them… for I was an hungered, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink… I needed someone to help me write a match preview on my blog and you hardened your heart…! That’s right, you’re all in the same category.

Good morning everyone. Another Matchday is upon us. Our final dress rehearsal before our clash with Zamalek of Egypt. It is tempting to think we should just focus on the Champions League and less on the Premier League but as tasty as that sounds, it would be a huge mistake.


The financial rewards vary…the difference is like day and night but both competitions are related to each other. First and foremost, Champions League winners don’t get automatic slots to defend their titles the next year. In other words, your participation depends on where you finish in your domestic League the previous season. Doesn’t matter if you spent the season before representing Africa in the All Universe Championships in Mercury.

Then again, there is talk of form. Ultimately it is your form on the day that matters but a team’s current form and their ‘performance on the day’ are more often than not related. In other words, there may not be any magic next weekend if we are finding home games difficult to win.

With the flurry of strikers we have and none of them able to stake a claim for themselves, today should be a day to play yourself to form and relevance. Perhaps we will have learnt a lesson or two by the end of this season. Consistency is very vital in football and secondly, there’s no Lionnel Messi yet in Nigerian Football.

As far as I know, all our strikers are marginally at the same level and distinguishing one’s self means you must improve what you’re currently doing because there’s basically nothing unique about this crop of strikers especially when compared to what we had last season. You are paid every month to score goals, you cannot offer any defences and excuses. It won’t work.

Boy, shouldn’t this be a match preview?

We play Shooting Stars this evening in Ibadan. The game is not on TV as we all thought last week but I learnt the earlier schedule was for Saturday. There was no way we would play on Thursday, travel on Friday and play on Saturday. It’s not even OK.

Gbenga Ogunbote is back in town with his magic. How I love that man. I would’ve we had him as a coach even if it’s for three weeks. The sight of him on the sidelines, pacing up and down in his unique steps is some joy to me. He’s nice and friendly too, (my experience). Let’s hope his team is nice and friendly to Enyimba this evening.

I’ve exhausted my word count, and not like I blabbed all through. I made some sense I hope, said one or two things noteworthy. If you disagree, it’s also OK. I’m you know, sorry for that.

Back tomorrow with more.



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