Season Expectations

Good morning Everyone.

How’s the air your end? Good? Should be good. I mean, watching the opening game of the Euros last night in a game I believed should be a boring one being the start of the tournament, we got treated to something really special. I went to bed feeling happy, having been reminded again why I chose this sport.

Back home, we are in Ibadan against a resurgent Shooting Stars side. Not sure what to say about that one, perhaps one of you, whose heart is touched would do a match preview for us here on the blog, come on, whatever are friends for? If your spirit is ministering to you right now, to do tomorrow’s match preview, harden now your heart. Thank you in advance.


Back to today and looking at the current season, what should be for us the measure of the success of this season? Sadly clubs like ours rarely have long term projections. Gaffers are required to make sure there’s a trophy every season, so what exactly should be the minimum achievement that rates this season as a success?

We currently are in three competitions. The Champions League, Federations Cup and the League. So far we have been pretty much decent with the Champions League although ‘decent’ in this context is relative. We are in the group stages, after a barren run in it for a while. So one could look at that and say, Yea, that’s some progress.

But of course, when hostilities resume on Sunday against Zamalek and when we play the subsequent fixtures, our final position should be the true measure of the success in that competition. I believe making it at least to the Semis should be the minimum acceptable in that one.

The draws were not the kindest, but honestly it’s the same for all of the remaining eight teams. So should we eventually get out of the group, then that’s brilliant I believe. Thing is, when you get to the last four anything can happen. We can go all the way and win it or well just stumble by the wayside. But making it to the semis should be the least acceptable.

For the League, well, it’s a very interesting season there so far. We have battled with so many challenges, new faces, awful playing turf and missing our shrine. And while we are not going to keep making excuses with those, especially that of not playing in Aba, we cannot deny the fact that we have not been unaffected by that.

Add the fact that as yet there’s still some discord and friction between the manager and his players. New players, new manager, old players who have been shunted out of the team, it’s been far away from ideal looking at our performance on a wholesome view. Of course patience wears very thin in Enyimba and the suits up top would give no room for such excuses.

Let’s look again at how we won the title last season. First we retained the manager from the previous season. The gaffer having learnt lessons from the previous year, identified what he needed and picked it out in time. The players even though had a poor preseason, were together, the main core of the team stayed together. That’s exactly what Wikki Tourists, Rivers United, Kano Pillars and Enugu Rangers have done this year. On the flip side, that’s also what Nasarawa United have done too 🙂

So I think it’s unlikely we would successfully defend our title. I’ve already bought and readied my humble pie If this team proves me wrong. But I think our minimum target should be a Continental ticket. It would be a shame if there are three teams in the Championship who finish better than we do. It would point more to how poor teams were this season than how brilliant we have been.

Finally there is the Federations Cup  a trophy that’s been some sort of consolation price for us. It looks like an easy route to a trophy for us this year but I believe that our Champions League exertions could stand in the way. We are going to be flying all over the place and although I’m yet to see the Federations Cup dates and fixtures, I doubt if we would be able to switch and respond to the Federations Cup with the preparation it deserves.

I feel that’s what we could look at and say it’s the minimum standards for success this season. I think anything more is unrealistic.

The above is the thoughts of an EnyimbaFan. It’s not the contractual agreement between Mr Aigbogun and the club nor is it the agreement between the players. I just expressed my own expectations and like I said, I’ll be glad to see this team hand me the humble pie. If more than the above happens, I’ll see it as an overachievement.

If you don’t agree, feel free to share yours.

Time to head to go pray and then head to MagicFM.

Back tomorrow with someone’s match preview for the Ogunbote showdown.



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