The Sands of time.

Good morning Everyone. 

We all woke up to the news that Coach Stephen Keshi has departed this plane for the land beyond. First saw the message on the LMC Twitter handle

@LMCNPFL: STEPHEN OKECHUKWU KESHI, former Super Eagles coach and long serving captain IS DEAD at 54.

@LMCNPFL: Reliable family sources said Keshi suddenly became ill in Benin City early this morning and passed on before he could get to the hospital.

Then of course I saw the story on other sports platforms and websites like

It’s shocking and saddening and heart-rending especially remembering that he just buried his wife a couple of months ago.

We will remember him, Nigerians and indeed the world will remember him for his exploits both as a player, and a coach. He will be remembered for his achievements and for the experience he gave to all those who came in contact with him.

The image that will stick in my mind for a long long time is that of him arms out-raised at the final whistle of the last AFCON we won in South Africa.

@LMCNPFL: Big Boss, as Keshi was fondly called led Nigeria to Africa Cup of Nations victory as Capt. in 1994 and Coach in 2013.

@LMCNPFL: Keshi bestrode the football field like an infallible colossus even as a school boy and was a harbinger for European football for homeboys

This, like all such events in life puts everything in perspective. We won’t be on this plane forever. People are going to wake up one morning to the news of your demise. It could be a brief illness or maybe just passing on in your sleep or some other circumstance, but we will not remain pacing this world forever. That’s a certainty.

This is why for every opportunity and in every occasion of interaction with others, make a conscious effort to lead a good life. Resist the urge to defraud and to inflict pain and wickedness on others in your pursuit of money and fame and relevance. Why? Because you are not sure when you’ll be invited back by your maker.

Someone said, lives of great men remind us to set our footprints indelibly on the sands of time. Leave the right footprints, give people the right experience, enjoy life in such a way that you will be not only be celebrated by humans after you’ve gone but your maker will be proud of you, his creature.

Rest in Peace the Big Boss.


We play Rivers United tomorrow evening.

Back with more of that tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “The Sands of time.

  1. We would only be remembered by what we have done. He has done his part,its left of us living to do our parts too.


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