A bit of some Tuesday wobble and gobble

Good morning everyone.

It’s the Tuesday after a defeat and normally you’re torn betwixt talking of the defeat or talking of the game ahead. You have a clearer mind talking of the former because you would have looked at the game again, heard from players and the manager and that initial rush emotion of defeat is gone and like they sing in that good ol Christmas hymn: all is calm, all is bright.

Uncle Paul did talk with the press after the Nasarawa defeat and we found his comments on the LMC website

I am not happy with the result because we lost the match due to loss of concentration by my players. I expected a better result from this game but as it is now we cannot help but accept the result as it is.

We are not happy either Uncle P but of more concern is this lack of concentration. It’s an ailment that seems to affect almost every team in the country. I’m thinking however, if this defeat was in Uyo or even in Port Harcourt, we’d say the lads were distracted by the beautiful and backside-jangling cheerleaders.

But this wasn’t in Uyo. It was in Makurdi three days after we lost in Bauchi. Wonder really how our boys would opt to lose concentration at this stage of the season. We’ve not even as much as won a tea cup.

Another troubling thing about this defeat was the fact that just like in Bauchi, we conceded two goals in quick succession, the penalty (someone indeed did point out to me that we have not been awarded a penalty in the League this season. I didn’t know that) and then Bashir scored less than five minutes later.


More like in Bauchi where Wikki scored their second and third (a penalty) in the closing moments of the game. How have we become this out of sorts behind that we are just shipping in goals like it doesn’t matter?

Well, Uncle P continues.

“I am still confident that the title is still ours for grabs because the race is still open and I am even happy to have a team to face the continent at the group stage of the CAF Champions League. We will remain focused to get our desired objective despite the results we have had of recent,”

Well, the title is not ours for grabs because evidently there are a couple of teams in the mix. So we won’t just go grab it like it’s our birthright. We will have to win it, we will have to earn it.

It’s a good thing that the race is still open with just a few points separating the top teams but I still think teams can give themselves a breather with consistent focused performances in every game. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No.

The games will come thick and thin from now onwards. Rivers United this midweek before we travel to face Gbenga Ogunbote’s new Shooting Stars. Back home to face Sunshine Stars and then we play Zamalek. Surely the wrongest time to lose focus or concentration gentlemen.

Thankfully, Uncle P said,

“We will remain focused to get our desired objective despite the results we have had of recent,”

Consoling, comforting.

The skipper missed Sunday’s game after being injured against Wikki. Let’s hope he is back and in time for Rivers United in midweek.

And being out injured in Makurdi, you probably wouldn’t guess who was captain.


Still not sure who that is? Look closer…


Nzube Anaezemba. Amazing. Isn’t it?

That’s all for today guys.

We’ll talk about the game ahead us by tomorrow. Enjoy your day.



2 thoughts on “A bit of some Tuesday wobble and gobble

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