Downed in Bauchi. Wikki 3-1 Enyimba

Good morning Everyone.

It’s a rainy morning here which should automatically mean extra minutes of sleep especially if you really hate your job and you want someone to fire you. If you don’t have a back-up job, you’d better get up and do the needful.


Just in case you are just back from Mars and you haven’t heard, our unbeaten run, just like it did thrice last season, came to an abrupt end after the 9th game. We were ten minutes from replaying last season’s Bauchi script, getting a memorable point in Bauchi but we imploded in the closing stages, letting in two goals that handed us a first defeat since Sousse.

The mere thought of it is inspiring. There is no other club with enough balls to attempt such unbeaten stretches. I mean here we are feeling blue, not because we lost a game like the other teams do every other week but a team finally beat us after nine attempts. Rather than make me bow my head down in shame, it makes me Super proud of this team.

I mean, this is June and there are at least 19 more fixtures. There will be many more defeats, for us, for other teams more so with the League entering it’s business end, it’s all about strengthening your home front and giving everything you have, away from home. It will be a close fight, mighty close till the finish line.

The ONLY disappointing thing from yesterday is that we missed out an opportunity to go top of the table. We do have one outstanding game, (at home to Abia Warriors) and should we win that, (you’d bank on us to win that) we would be on 33 points, two off the League leaders, when we do. Guess what, our foes are well aware of this too.

I know you’re not supposed to count your chicks before they are hatched but wouldn’t you rather find some consolation in that? It’s just like last season when we labored by mid-season to be top but we missed out to Sunshine Stars. But by the end of the season, the inevitable happened. So why cry for losing the battle when you know you have a very good chance of winning the war?

The gladdening thing about yesterday was seeing Ezekiel Bassey and Musa Najare back in the team. I didn’t see the game so it’s hard to access their respective performances but you just want your better players back and playing. Particularly for my friend Musa after he was Odita-ed in Enugu. Glad the injury is gone now and he is back in action.

It’s a very important month for us, this and we have way too much ahead of us than to cry over spilled milk. Someone said fatigue had a hand in the defeat, well, we have a gaffer who has the largest team in the Championship and oozing with quality. He’s in the best position to make the right calls in that regard.

Time to go find me some beans to eat this morning.

Back tomorrow



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