Good morning Everyone.

Within the last 24 hours, this blog has been shut down time and time again, never to be scripted on ever again. The reason of course is not unconnected with the events of the past 48 hours and a few other similar ones. It is not usually our practice to talk about the shameful parts of our game but at this point, it would be criminal not to.


If you have a good radio, or you know where to find stuff online, you would have heard of the shameful incident that took place after our game against Warri Wolves. How that our player and his colleague attacked the Warri Wolves officials because of unpaid allowances and salaries. Even if you weren’t in Umuahia you probably would have seen the scenes in the clips.

The player stripped himself of his Jersey and lashed out with this pal of his and despite being held back by some of the club officials, was hellbent on beating out his money from the opposing team officials. Somehow the situation was managed and brought under control but it did mar Sunday’s very brilliant result. People left the stadium, not talking of how impressive the team has been, getting to where they are now but the sad scenes they just witnessed.

This blog is no law court and it is not in our place to say who’s right and who’s not, but here we praise the good and condemn what’s wrong in the strongest terms possible. Moreso, this blog is just a fan’s hobby, writing of a club he was born to love. This blog does not belong to Enyimba FC nor is the blog owned by an official of any club, it is merely the views of some Enyimba fan.

It was in musing over these thoughts that I began to ask myself. What’s the purpose? What’s the idea behind scripting every morning of a League that despite the relentless effort of the LMC would just not want to get itself fixed. This blog was birthed post LMC era, in other words, there has been something good and nice after the LMC stepped in and took over the reins of the league.

As bad as owing players and refusing to pay them is, taking out your grievance in a violent manner doesn’t make you any better than the one owing you. My little nephew was around when I saw some clip of the incident, I could not offer an explanation to him. It was not a pretty sight and you can rest assured, the consequences will be as heavy.

For whatever role we are privileged to undertake as stakeholders in the League as this time, ask yourself, can I happily share the story of my contribution to my children and they will feel proud? If all I do is recorded in a video and shown to my kids, would they cheer me on or would they hang their heads in shame? Whether you are an administrator or a club chairman, a player or a journalist, an official or a ball boy, I want to ask you, are you carrying out your duty with the integrity and dignity that it deserves? Because at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Anyone can accuse the politicians of stealing public funds and making life unbearable for the masses, but ask yourself, am I proud of my own actions? Am I fair and sincere and responsible and honest in the things I do? Because one day, you would only be able to look back at the things you had done. Will you be proud of the experience people got of you?

We can do football and talk football and all but at the end of the day, there is a life out there bigger than football. There is family, there is the future, there are the relationships and there is an afterlife. More than anything else, there is a befitting reward for everything anyone does.


Back tomorrow if I feel like



One thought on “Selah

  1. Don’t kill this blog, I just discovered it. Seriously though, these things happen. It’s just a reflection of the greater society where rules don’t mean anything. But society usually evolves to a better position.
    Keep doing what you do

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