Match Preview: Enyimba vs Warri Wolves

Good morning everyone!

It’s a Sunday morning and my ‘deaconship’ dreams mean I have to be in church early. So I’m gonna attempt a 5 Minutes match preview. Can I do that? No way to tell if you don’t try. 

We tackle one of our outstanding fixtures 4pm this evening against the Seasiders, Warri Wolves, a side we can’t forget in a hurry. After a second half title dog fight last season, we gallantly held them off in Aba to win the title. They needed a win, we just needed a draw and then Daniel Etor let Salami sell him ‘aki awusa’ and got himself sent off. But the 10 men of Enyimba did the job and we won the title.


That was last year, that was our seventh League title. Today however, it’s been a different story for them. More than 70% of the crew that gave us that fight to finish deserted them and they had to restock. They’ve brought on quite a number of new faces, some very familiar to us. Markson Ojobo, Babatunde Solomon, Bernard Okorowanta and King Osanga. A couple of signings from FC Taraba too.

We, on the other hand benefitted from that housecleaning in Warri too. OK, that’s a nice way of putting it but truth is, we raided their team. Ikechukwu Ibenegbu, Joseph Osadiaye, Abu Azeez and of course their gaffer Paul Aigbogun all jumped ship and joined us. And to be honest, they have all contributed immensely to how successful our season has been so far. Ermm even our defender Ikeh Thankgod used to be an important player for them.

Their most significant purchase however was Dutch tactician Ard Sluis who has gotten them playing really nice football again. Few weeks ago, they beat Shooting Stars in Ibadan. Yea I know just Lobi Stars has managed to do that this season, but that should also remind us of what Lobi Stars did to us in Umuahia. We are in for a stern test today.

Yes we have been on an unbeaten run, eight games now I think but it was this same opposition that ended our unbeaten run last year. The warning signs are all over the place. This is why we cannot afford to take anything for granted today. A win tonight takes us to second place on the table. Do we honestly need any more inspiration to get all three points tonight?

The lineup still remains in the gaffer’s head, we should let it remain there till 2:30 when the whole world can see it. More importantly is for the eleven sent out today to get the job done.

Get the win over them and send us to second place. That’s the job description.

All the best to the lads. Updates will be available on Twitter.

Back tomorrow with good news I hope.



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