Things are getting more interesting

Good morning Everyone.

The League season’s first half ended yesterday and what an exciting past few months we have had. Interesting results have streamed in virtually every week, some early runners have emerged and a few managers have been sacked.


For us, our engine took some time to get started but when it eventually did, it was in spectacular fashion. Into the group stages of the CAF Champions League, making a steady and progressive rise top the table and we are currently on an eight match unbeaten run. Happy times.

On a grander scale, we have achieved all of this without kicking a football at our shrine, the Enyimba International Stadium. Just imagine for a second that we gulp down our outstanding fixtures, winning two out of three or even winning all three, we would surely go top of the pile. Only a team like Enyimba would be top of the League table despite playing all 19 fixtures away from home. I don’t know about you but I can’t find anything else but happiness and pride in that.

Yesterday, we heard from an Enyimba top official that the club would be returning home next month. Yes, next month. Yea I know we have heard things like that before, in fact initially, we heard the turf changing project was only going to last 90 days but here we are already gone past day 135, that is absolutely correct but this is different. This official quoted the governor who obviously is impressed by Enyimba’s achievements and burdened by a desire to push the club into the next level.

Also, for those who tweet and ask via Facebook daily, this is your latest answer. We will return home soon and as we ready ourselves to do, we need to praise the club, players and Management for having steadied the tide this nicely. Would it take us time to get used to our new turf? Would the players play better on it? Would our drainage challenges really be over? Questions questions, we would know soon enough.

But all of this still doesn’t mean our eyes should be taken off the target. The only and befitting reward for all of these is bringing home the laurels and titles available this season. We are in three competitions, four if you add the State Federations Cup. Maybe we might not win the CAF Champions League but a good run is surely expedient. The domestic titles are also there for the taking and we do have the calibre of players to ensure that. There is really a lot to look forward to, in the next half of the season.

So Abia Warriors lost at home yesterday to Sunshine Stars. Incredible. That would mean, we probably are one of the few remaining sides yet to lose at home this season, even though our home is one hour away from our home ground.

The CAF Champions League draws would be made tomorrow and our eyes are firmly fixed on that. Perhaps in tomorrow’s blog, we would profile all the seven teams as we pray for a favorable draw. You’d think we would want to avoid those North Africans teams. There currently are four of them in the hat. Would we really be able to avoid all Of them? Looks unlikely to me. Fingers crossed but we are not afraid of anyone or any team.

That’s your lot this Monday morning.

More from me tomorrow.



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