Good morning Guys.

It’s that sort of morning you wake up and just wanna sleep some more. Mornings perfect for Saturdays knowing there will be no work or any function to run off to. The ideal response is to get under the duvet and sleep some more.


It’s raining and pouring and you go, ‘wow what a night this is going to be’. But you make a grab for your cell phone and behold, its 5:13am. It’s morning already! So your hopes of getting some more sleep is nothing but a pipe dream, you can’t afford staying in that bed beyond the next 15 or so minutes.

So you reluctantly stand and head to the bathroom. Knowing that ‘just’ 10 minutes of more sleep means somehow you could just find yourself dozing away till the next one hour and of course late for work or whatever function you could have lined up for the day.

Back in the room, you make a grab for your device and open the WordPress app. Whatever are we going to blog about the club today?

Well, some folks have been asking about the stadium, whatever is going on? When are we returning home? How long are we going to keep playing in Umuahia and away from our traditional home? What’s the state of the construction work and what is delaying the work? We’ve heard these questions too many times that it’s somewhat become boring. So do we blog about that?

No we can’t afford to do that.
Because yours truly has not even neared the Aba stadium in over a month and he is completely in the dark as to what is going on there.

OK, So maybe we can convince him to go to the stadium, look around, get pictures and really ascertain if that pitch would be used anytime soon.

OK, I’m sure he has gotten the message. He will see to it that that is done by midweek. Hopefully. 

OK, so we can’t blog about the Aba pitch, what else can we write about?

How about writing of the players, how they are looking like a decent team now, playing for each other and looking like a proper football team?

That sounds nice, but there probably isn’t anything new to add to that because everyone is basically seeing that.

Yea, right. So let’s blog about the new guys and how they are coping.
Hey, didn’t you blog about that yesterday?
Yea I did.
Good, so find something else to talk about.

OK. So let’s talk about Rangers and Kano Pillars and Abia Warriors and the rest of the guys currently ahead of us in the Championship right now.

OK, so what’s your point about them?
Ermmm, that we are coming quick and fast behind them and that all we need is to win our outstanding games and we will be top of the pile.

But they know that already, so why bother?

So evidently, there’s nothing you want to blog about today then, Mister.

Ermmm, you could say so, sir. But there could be one thing though…

Really? Let’s hear it.
OK.  It’s below.

Here at, we just want to say Thank you to everyone of you who visit the blog daily, consume whatever breakfast we have on display here and comment, like and support like it all makes sense. I mean, every morning we just come here and rant away yet we get likes and comments and suggestions periodically from our audience who believe we are doing a ‘fantastic job’.

Players, fans, management and the like, nearly everyone has a kind word for the blog. (Of course there are those who also think we are utter rubbish) These gestures of kindness have not gone unnoticed. In fact there is one that started in the past few weeks that has us stunned. A couple of fans sent in airtime and money for data to appreciate the ‘great job you are doing for the club’. Such gestures, even though we never advertised or asked for them have been humbling. Thank you. 

Some of you share our posts on Facebook and retweet on Twitter. A lot of you follow our social media accounts and even talk with others about us. Thank you.

Truth is, we can’t thank you enough for the encouraging words and actions. I know you think we are doing a great job here but it is nothing compared to the faith and belief you have in us by clicking open the links everyday. Thank you.

What is ahead is much more than whatever we have been up against. Our eyes will see a great Enyimba, a great Nigerian Professional Football League and a great country Nigeria.

God bless you all. Everyone of you.

By the way, we are in Illorin to play Giwa FC. That’s if they show up tomorrow.

Back tomorrow with news on that.



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