A look at those guys

Good morning Everyone.

Absolutely nothing much (i.e worth scribbling) emanating from the Enyimba camp except that the lads are back to base after their Lagos sojourn with our well deserved point and there’s FC Ifeanyi Ubah to play tomorrow.


Usually we leave previews for the match day so we won’t be talking much about that till tomorrow’s blog post. Today’s however will feature a look at some of our new signings and how they have helped further the Enyimba cause. We made quite a number of signings during the off season and while some of them have blended effortlessly into the team, some are on the fringes, not able to do much for the time being.

Let’s attack that.

Dare Ojo:
When Kwara United got relegated last season, little did we know it was going to benefit us in the way it did. Dare just moved from West to East and just walked into the Enyimba team as though it was reserved for him. Inarguably the best performer of the new Continent, he has even featured in some unwonted positions (he’s played in Right Back in our last three games) but again and again he has shown an ability to just step up credibly for the good of the team. If I were to give a player of the season at this stage, it would be him but the irony is, there’s no room for laxity right now. Enyimba demands and deserves consistent and steady performances.

Ibenegbu Ikechukwu:
When we signed Ibenegbu from Warri Wolves, I was wondering what the Enyimba recruiting team were high on. I clearly felt the guy was approaching the twilight of his career and hence he wasn’t someone who would improve us significantly. I was wrong. His displays especially in the Champions League which is probably why I felt he was signed in the first place, has been immense. He isn’t going to play every League game but his experience will surely come to the fore when he does.

Chima Akas:
Questions about his style and ability will remain objects of debate among the Enyimba faithful but starting from that well taken spot kick against Etoile that dragged us back into the tie, Akas has just earned himself some acceptability points. Obviously Mr Aigbogun’s preferred choice at Left back, he’s so featured that he’s played himself to knackeredness. His time away at the National team should be any opportunity for the other two lads in the team to stake a claim for themselves.

Joseph Osadiaye
Having seen flashes of Joe at Wolves a couple of times I watched him, I still wasn’t sure why we needed him but gradually he’s showing why. He’s gotten a couple of goals, three I think and he’s improved our attack. He would need to improve his consistency no doubt and he will need to release the ball to his teammates a lot quicker and well he will also need to stop carrying a long face and being angry when he is substituted for disappearing in the middle of a football match.

Kelly Kester:
Having seen him play at Sharks, I wasn’t quite sure how and why we signed him from Shooting Stars but obviously a team playing as awfully shitty has a way of muffling up a decent player. Would the image of a beanpole walking toward the penalty spot in Tunisia ever leave me mind? No it won’t, I’m sure. But with absolutely no charisma, he just stepped back and fired into the roof of the net as we mounted a comeback. Kester has since then remained a vital clog in our recent decent run. He loves dribbling in middle even though it’s somewhat scary you’d think he will be disposed but he rarely is.

Abu Azeez:
Former Nigeria’s beach soccer star made his name indelible in the mind of Enyimba fans when he ended our unbeaten run in Warri last season. It was not totally surprising when we did sign him and boy has he come good. He’s gotten a couple of goals for us in the League but I also think he’s hit the woodwork more times than anyone else in the country this year. He looks a decent striker and you’d believe as he gets better jelled with teammates, his future performances would be lot better.

This is part one, we still have the likes of defender Thankgod Ikeh, Christian Pyagbara, Ugochukwu Leonard, Stephen Chukwude and a couple of others more to handle in the part two of this post. You’d expect that on Monday or so. Right now, I gotta share the grace for today’s post.

Back tomorrow.



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