Niger Tornadoes? No problem, we’ve got Nzube and Thankgod

Did you wake up with a smile? You didn’t? OK, take a look at the picture on this post, can you scan and find Enyimba? A week ago, we were in the relegation places, this morning we are in 11th. That gladdens my heart.


OK before the boo boys start, this is no celebration of mediocrity. Yes we are no where near the top, in fact not even in the top half but everyone in the Championship knows we are on an inevitable ascent. Two 2-1 wins in a week mean 6 points and we have left our neighbors Ikorodu United, El-Kanemi Warriors, Giwa and the rest, and we have new neighbors. Who we will be leaving pretty soon too. Evidently.

Nzube Anaezemba and Ikeh Thankgod repeated their feats in Kano, scoring one after the other. Both lads are staking a claim for themselves in the team and what a way to show the manager a picture of your abilities. I heard the defender just welcomed a new baby into his family a couple of days ago. What a week it’s been for him.

Well after the game, the manager spoke.

Obviously, anytime we win a match I’m happy. I’m happy for the match first of all. I thank God for the victory. I’m happy that we won the game”

Intensity of the game:
But I always tell you, every game we play here or Abia Warriors play here is always a physical game and they are a physical side too.  And you have to realize we just came back from a game in Kano on Wednesday. It was a very tough match, a lot of our players are fatigued. It’s not easy to play in Kano in such a big match and come back and play here. So I thank God for the victory”

Reason for subbing left back Akas with centerback Anaemena.
We have some issues of injuries in the camp. We have issues of players not feeling too well and injuries”

On a lack of high scoring margins in the League.
The standard of the League is improving everyday. I keep saying it, there are no small teams in the League anymore. It’s just like you see in Europe, anyone can take on anyone on their day”.

Goalscoring runs for Nzube and Thankgod
Fantastic from both players, you can’t ask for more from them. We are pleased with both players”.

Interesting from the manager. It was also nice to note that for the second game running, Ikeh Thankgod, Kelly Kester and Etor Daniel made starts and Dare Ojo played at Right back. He’s a solid lad that Dare fella (@DontDareOjo) and a really tidy footballer.

Ugochukwu Leonard also got a start up top and right now the competition in the team means players would love to step up when given the opportunity. Really nice isn’t it?

All in all, a really nice round off to a very productive week. We head to Lagos to play MFM who we tackle at the Agege Stadium on Wednesday.

Back tomorrow with more



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