Match Preview: Enyimba vs Niger Tornadoes

Good morning all ye Enyimba faithful.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and in addition to the thousand and three things lined up today is a late lunch with Abdullahi Biffo’s Niger Tornadoes.


Our recent run, two wins and two draws in four games mean we have 8 points from a possible 12, if you ask me, that doesn’t quite look a poor return. The expectations was for at least 100% wins at home but those consecutive away wins would well amount to some kind of makeup. But henceforth you’d expect that’s the last of such dropped home points.

It has been a steep learning curve for this Enyimba side. They’ve had it all- highs, lows, disappointments, little victories etc and while it’s still early to say they’ve turned the corner, everyone can be satisfied that things are still very much under control. We are in the Champions League group stages, and with a couple of away wins more + home invincibility, it’s a question of what team will be representing Nigeria with us in the Champions League next season. Looks easy on paper, doesn’t it?

Well that must mean first and foremost that we have to eat what’s before us today. Tornadoes have done reasonably well as a new side in the League this season. They are playing home games in Lokoja and if you still remember your ‘Abia Umuahia, Adamawa Yola, Akwa Ibom Uyo…’ you know the capital of Niger is Minna not Lokoja. In other words, they like us are playing home games away from the bulk of their fans.

They are placed several miles from us on the table but the miracle is, a win against them will throw us above them as well as some other teams in the Championship. We could go as high as 11th or even into the top half for the first time this season. This gladdens my heart. But wait a minute, that’s If we win them today.

They have played at the Umuahia stadium already this season and it took a Chisom Chikatara strike 7 minutes from time to break their resistance. My point is, expect a  strong, determined and resilient side today. Away teams would be glad to just sit back and frustrate you for all 90, hoping for a point. We have seen it twice already this season, no better way to warn ourselves than by just making a short trip down memory lane.

On personnel, the manager has in the past few days twitched things around a little bit. There’s hardly any decent player who hasn’t been called up to some action lately. Now the manager knows he has a Legion of Warriors he can call up and obviously they will want to take advantage of the opportunity. If games are hard to come by, you want to keep yourself in the team with decent and lively performances.

It’s hard to predict who starts so let’s leave that to the manager. But it looks like having Kester and Kamal and Dare and Nzube all starting albeit in different positions worked to perfection against Pillars. Let’s see how things open up.

Updates will be on Twitter, follow @LMCNPFL, @TeeA13 and @EnyimbaEnyi.

3 points to the good guys.

Back tomorrow.



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