Match Preview: Kano Pillars vs Enyimba

Good morning Guys. 


It’s 4pm today against the side hellbent on recovering a title they call theirs. Aside our interruption last year according to one of their fans, they would have won it four times in a row.

You look at a team such as Pillars, especially their consistent success and you can’t help but admire them. They may not have won seven League titles or won the CAF Champions League ever talk more of twice in a row, but you cannot deny that they are a decent and  ambitious club. Identifying and acknowledging such virtues means that like it is said, ‘Kings know Kings’. 

After an abysmal season last year, they took our template and set off like a house on fire. They let their coach stay on yet another season, identified and signed the players they needed in time and they are looking good. In fact the last time they faced a team at the Sani Abacha, the team conceded six goals. A Kadiri Ikhana’s team.

This is not a bid to make our Goliath bigger than he actually is or to inspire fear into the players. The idea is simple: to get us recognize and stay conscious of the magnitude of task facing us this evening. A coward will quickly turn out his back without effort expecting the inevitable lashes but a warrior would get out there and give himself a fighting chance.

Alot has been said of Mr Aigbogun and his team which looks like it’s struggling for some consistency and an identity. But like in every season, a floundering team eventually turns a corner at some point. The team decides, it’s time that we stood up and stopped the rut. The point where you decide it’s time to earn the right to wear the Enyimba Jersey. That is what tonight is about.

Anyone can say anything about the team, anyone can exaggerate the failings of this football team so far this season, thing is, ultimately, it’s the spirit and fire and the willingness to fight within this team that can truly silence the critics.

This is not just another Premier League team in the Championship. This is Enyimba football club of Aba. That’s who we are and it’s about time the players reminded everyone. It’s time to quit grasping at the reasons why we are not doing well or why we have had a poor season so far. It’s time the players prove they deserve to be in this team.

Against Pillars tonight, get out there and put in a good shift. Give them a decent 95 minutes such that when the full time whistle sounds, irrespective of the scoreline, you will be proud of what you did. Forget about the scoreline, get out there and ensure they never forget you and the fight you gave them in a hurry.

Can we do that gentlemen?

Back tomorrow



3 thoughts on “Match Preview: Kano Pillars vs Enyimba

  1. PILLARS should WIN agains those mouth team Enyimba today as usual the business continue keep counting your previous things till Pillars catch you up SAIMASUGIDA


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