‘Can we lob one over Lobi’

Good morning Guys…

Brace up for the shortest match preview on this blog ever…

I’m in church and I am not supposed to be using this phone for this purpose but because I got up late after sleeping late last night, I just have to fulfill my Enyimba obligation which is to pen a preview.


We attack Lobi bread this evening in a game where we have no options but to win. The mid-week draw defeat draw knocked some swagger off our stride and the only remedy is to get all three points especially with a trip to Kano awaiting us in mid-week.

Alot has been said of our travails, thing is, our League is unforgiving. No one would dash you points because you are not at home. Think of El-Kanemi Warriors who well just returned home for the first time in two abi three years. They did all In their power to take care of themselves. This being a transition season for us, if we want a place in the Continent next season then we can’t afford dropping any more points at home.

In other words, grind it out, bundle it in, battle it on, just get the three points. When we are stable and picking the points at home, attention can now be turned to replicating such away from home. As it stands, nothing is lost yet except the three points that we could have gotten away from home and the two dropped vs Heartland. Thing is, we have more than sufficient time to make amends.

This evening, the gaffer’s selection options will be interesting. We have ranted about how the squad is being underutilized and how a lack of flexible tactical switching affected our game against Heartland. Thing is, we are only proffering solutions, we just want the results. So we would gladly eat the humble pie if his continued formation and style keeps getting the results.

Lobi themselves look better this season than the last and they have already won at 6SC Shooting Stars this season. In other words they are a decent opposition. We must step it up to get all three points.

ThatEnyimbaFan is not sure of being at the stadium this evening but I will retweet the posts of anyone of credibility who will be at the game and will be kind enough to offer us updates.

All in all, we just want to hear of the three points. The choir is about to come up for Praise and worship so I gotta run.

Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah…

Good news tomorrow I hope.



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