A couple of stuff.

Good morning this Saturday morning.

It’s the last Saturday of the month which means there’s a little staying at home for us, y’all gotta do some sweeping and cleaning and all. And you could need a little bit lengthy post to read this morning. So do I just rumble jumble it all together and just keep rabbling till you’re tired? Good idea but that means some of you won’t be coming back tomorrow. So lemme keep it straight to the point.


First of all, the FA Cup semis with that team which must not be named ended similar to the one that came before it. 7-1 was the last count before the Referee put the visitors out of their misery. You don’t need the goalscorers, it’s not going to count in the long-run. You just need a picture of those who started. Which you have below.

Joshua Enaholo, Ifeanyi George, Chima Akas, Ikeh Thankgod, Ifeanyi Anaemena, Dare Ojo, Sikiru Kamal, Eric Frimpong, Daniel Etor, Abu Azeez, Ugochukwu Leonard.

Full-time Enyimba 7-1 The other guys. So we advance to the finals that should be played whenever we have some kind of breather. Yea, I heard Alloy Brown did come on in the course of the game and got himself a couple of goals.

Having handled that, next up for us is an issue that has bothered me a great deal. I don’t understand how transfers work at Enyimba and it would be really nice if someone helps me understand. I’m not after the buying and selling part, I’m more bothered by the number of players who are aware of how good they are, and being neglected by the gaffer, cannot probably seek to go for loan someplace else at least to keep up some football action.

I look at our squad and I think there are players who know they may never see some action in a long long while, because of the players higher than they are in the pecking order. But looking at their quality, you know they can get into some other teams and get to play while the two clubs come at an agreement on how their salaries can be handled. Perhaps it is something with the club Enyimba or maybe it is still one of those areas we need improvement in the League but having a player literally rot on the bench, no thanks to lack of a playing time is by no means good.

I look at a player like Alloy Brown who I think would be a fantastic striker in the future, I ask, why isn’t he on loan somewhere? He hasn’t featured in the League this season, nor the Champions League, so why isn’t he in some team where he is introduced to the rigorous demands of being an NPFL striker? A club like Akwa United or Heartland or even Abia Warriors can use his services. He can develop well there while we access how good what we currently have is.

Like I said, I don’t know if it’s something with the level of development of the League or with Enyimba as a set-up but it doesn’t feel OK to just sit nicely on some bench, get paid nicely every month without some game time and career development. OK, being paid nicely every month is nice but being paying for doing nothing?

Someday I hope we get past some of these kinda stuff that Uncle Ralph Chidozie refer to as ‘Too many things I do not understand’ in the very near future.

It’s rant over for me on the blog this morning. I went for a vigil last night and I’ve got sleep hovering on the eyelids. I hope I didn’t maakke anny mistakess in the courrsee of writinggg this post. Blame it on the sleep.

Back tomorrow



2 thoughts on “A couple of stuff.

  1. Hahahaha.. no mistake at all Sir.. They issue you raised is a very vital one.. Alloy Brown was promoted from our Feeder Team and I was happy Enyimba grabbed him but it’s not OK not seeing him play football.. he saved us twice last season. well let’s wait and see what the future has him and Ahmed Kone

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